Monday, June 29, 2009

I Dream of Making Gelato

After eating the best gelato ever at I Dream of Gelato in P'Town, I decided to go to Fabbri, North America, located in Queens, NYC to learn. Nothing can top Michelle's preparation in P'Town because she does it from scratch, a hot process method but uses Fabbri products.

My Birthday party

Celebrated the big 6-0 in P'Town and at home. One long time friend, Enid Lang (formerly Enid Silver) brought a photo of me turning 18 and having my first legal drink at a restaurant called Allegro Inn. She's the one on the left. The guy above her is Bob Slotkin, a guy I had a crush on for several years....way before I went to P'Town. In case the person on the right looks familiar...that's Joel Brooks. We were a comedy team back in those days.

What's Going On?

I was all set to do my radio show. My guess is that due to so many people logging onto the internet, I was not able to log into my own show. In the meantime I went to see Thank You For Being A Friend, an extremely gay takeoff on the hit show The Golden Girls. Very funny! I decided to join the group.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Provincetown Trip

First group of youtube is at the Townsend Lobster and Seafood Restaurant on Shankpainter Rd. as I'm interviewing Chris Townsend. We definitely had time for a lobster...but there's that animal cracker trying to get some!

The next group is when Barb, Nancy and I got that awesome tour of the East Dennis Oyster Farm owned by John Lowell and his absolutely wonderful wife Stephanie. Photos and video by Nancy Kozicki

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We All Dream of Gelato

There's nothing like having the best gelato anywhere. But you may have to go to P'Town for it. I had a gelato birthday cake. No cake. Layer of Chocolate, Italian Whipped Cream and Cherry with cherries atop and drizzles of chocolate.

But that didn't seem to be enough! There was a last minute run to get more gelato!
Video by Nancy Kozicki

Here are a few photos of my cake.


Videos by Nancy Kozicki


We all know that Michelangelo painted on the ceiling. Andra Douglas, owner of the New York Sharks, appears to have done the same on tin ceilings. This is a one of a kind painting!


Here are some photos of my kitties whose fur turned to velcro.

Jet Blueing From Their New Terminal 5

Transportation to and from P'Town was via JetBlue, one of my favorite airlines. They have a brand new terminal, T5, at JFK and I finally got a chance to check it out. Wow! There are plenty of kiosks to do your checking into and even though it seemed a bit crowded, took very little time to do so. I did print my ticket out the day before, so I guess that it was easier. I checked a bag and instead of having to haul the bag from the check in agents to another area where security does the searching, I just had to go behind the agent's desk and place it on a belt. Agents....lots of agents...along the wall and on the sides. Next, of course is security. Plenty of lines and plenty of security stuff. What may seem like getting on a long line goes through a lot quicker than most others that I've traveled, including the old terminal that JetBlue had.

Now comes the food court! OTG Management is in charge of the restaurants and employs some great executive chefs to run the biggies. It being breakfast time, I decided that instead of going to one particular place (not all are full restaurants), I went to what they call, "Revive". Now get this. You sit on a wooden stool (not a flat one, but the kind that is indented for your ass and legs) in front of a computer, go through the menu and choose the food and drink that you want, slip in your credit card and someone brings the order to you at that seat. You can either eat it at some really comfortable chairs that are not necessarily at the gate you're leaving from, or take it with you on the plane.

Well, coming back the plane was delayed but the pilot came over to the gate and gave us a complete explanation as to why. I was invited to meet the pilot in the cockpit after everyone got off and while they were cleaning the plane, he told me some interesting information about the new plane. You will see the youtube of this.

Afterwards, I wanted to indulge in eating at one particular restaurant called Deep Blue...what? Sharks color. Sushi, etc. I had a few sushi rolls, some appetizers and a few other tid bits. Having imbibed in a Sake tasting at a restaurant in P'Town, I skipped that part of the meal. Their kobe beef is pretty good, too. On this week's radio show Whirl With Merle on I'm having a sake talk.

New York Sharks

I will continue with my P'Town trip but wanted to share this first. After I returned I went to the final New York Sharks game. It was farkin nail biting!!! Sharks, with less than 30 players, went against a major winning team that had over 40 players. At half time, the score was 19-0 with the Sharks having the 19! Pittsburgh was catching up, the Sharks were scoring resulting in a tie at the end of the 4th quarter. We went into overtime and the final results was the other team winning by only 1 point! Considering the amount of players on both sides, etc. if I was on the Pittsburgh team, I wouldn't brag about this win. Here is a photo of staff on the sidelines, waiting for the touchdown.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Provincetown trip

I'm in P'Town having a gay old time and celebrating my birthday! Been around the cape as well. Like to give you a preview in photos.I'm also doing my radio show here tonight. So tune in by going to and clicking onto the link. Photos by Nancy Kozicki

Merle Collage Photos-1


Monday, June 1, 2009

Hearty Hartford

Back from Hartford, CT checking out same sex marriages in the capitol city. Not as many out of state as was Greenwich and Stamford. Much to do there, though. Stayed at the Marriott Downtown, located just next to both the Convention Center and the new Connecticut Science Center that will be opening on June 12th.

So here's what I did. Took Amtrak to Union Station and cab to the hotel. Alternative was to take their free Star Shuttle that goes around town and stops at key spots. Checked in and took shuttle to Trumbell Kitchen for lunch. Global comfort cuisine. Had various tapas. Great food! Restaurant is part of a group - Max, owned by Richard Rosenthal.

Took in Wadsworth Museum a few blocks from Trumbell Kitchen. Decided to take shuttle all around to get a quick tour and back to hotel. Room is really nice. Experienced a tasting, which would be done near the wedding date to choose the menu. Paired with wines. The food comes from their restaurant called Vivo. I can see why it won so many awards! Ray Beniot and Stephanie Simmons were the caterer mavens.

Next was "Dividing The Estate" at Hartford Stage. I loved the show. The acting was excellent and the star was the guy from the tv show Simon & know, the one that was also in Promised Land. Sets were magnificent!

Went to the spa at the hotel the next morning....called Glo. Had a facial, body treatment and they even put makeup on me later on for my evening venture. Well, I felt sooooooo relaxed...and I really did need to stress out...that I had trouble keeping awake for the next show that I saw..."Greater Tuna" at the Bushnell Center...largest of the theaters. Two guy show. They played various characters. Oh yeah...I did have lunch Vivo. More of their cuisine to taste.

Checked out the bar at the hotel...Crush...just before the evening's event...the pre-opening party for the new Connecticut Science Center. Dress code was "Geek Chic". Most people were dressed in business or fancier attire. Food was little appetizer thingies. Wound up going back to Vivo for a small bite before hitting the hay.

So, the floor where the spa is...had a pool and exercise room. The view from the pool is photo taking...too bad there are windows. Can't really get as great a photo. I did get some the next day before going back to NY. Will post at some point.