Monday, June 21, 2010


Waterman's Beachwood Grill is another restaurant that's certified by Virginia Green. The restaurant is located on 5th and Atlantic Avenue with a view of the ocean. We noticed that there was a wedding going on just outside on the beach.

I had the salmon, Barb had the fish tacos and I'm not sure what Nancy ate as she was more interested in checking out the wedding as it looked as if the wedding party, etc. were hearing impaired and signing. Nancy has learned to sign and was able to get what was going on.


After the Dolphin cruise, we headed for the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, who actually sponsored the cruise. The aquarium is ranked among the top 10 marine science and aquarium facilities in the US offering 800,000 gallons of aquarium and over 300 hands on exhibits. There are two buildings to view of which we only had time to view the main one. Although I was able to see sharks, they were not the New York Sharks. There were lots of turtles and a new cuttlefish that was just getting used to people watching it. I got to pet some stingray. I wish I did have time to go to the other building just to see the otters as well as checking out the IMAX movie. You can check it all out on

Nancy, Barb and I all took photos.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Off to Virginia Beach Fishing Center at Rudee Inlet for a Dolphin-Watching Boat Trip aboard the 65-foot Rudee Flipper. We did get to see bottlenose dolphins but it was difficult to get the photos and video as they seemed to be teasing us and never came right up to the boat.

There was this guy who asked if we were going to see whales. I wanted to tell him to simply look in the mirror.


It's time for lunch and as suggested, Nancy, Barb and I met Virginia Beach CVB rep Danya Bushey at Mojito Cafe. They serve Puerto Rican and Cuban food. Although there was a lot on the menu to choose from, we all decided on a Cuban Sandwich. The sandwich is composed of roast pork, ham, cheese, pickles and mustard on a Cuban roll and then cooked panini style. We then all shared one dessert.

It appears that we ran into Esther and Eunice.


I think we're all hooked on Segway tours. This time we met Mark Landers of Segway of Hampton Roads, located at First Landing Visitors Center. Nancy, Barb and I got to ride the X2 vehicles which go to 12 m.p.h. The tour took us through First Landing State Park, a 2,888-acre park that fronts the Chesapeake Bay, featuring 1.25 miles of beach front and more than 19 miles of hiking trails through protected salt marsh habitat, freshwater ponds, beach, dunes, forest, tidal marsh and cypress swamp. Mark said that it is the most visited state park in Virginia. The road that we used is shared by bikers.