Monday, June 25, 2012


I just got this information. 

Fairway Market is now offering a FREE group shuttle bus to its Red Hook, Brooklyn (480-500 Van Brunt Street) location Mondays thru Wednesdays from 10AM-7PM. For groups of 10 or more within a 5 mile radius of Fairway Market, Fairway’s shuttle will pick up customers at one chosen location and bring them to the store. Each group will have an hour and a half to shop and/or enjoy a bite to eat in the picturesque café by the waterfront. There will also be two pickup times on Wednesdays at 10AM and 1PM at 589 Prospect Avenue, between 11th and 10th avenues. 


To make your pick up reservation for the shuttle - call Viola Williams or Marcy Rosenblum at 347-750-1251


 It's time for me to check out Fairway Market's locale in Red Hook...too bad they won't shuttle from my house...oh well.


Sunday, June 24, 2012


The score was 18-13 with the New York Sharks leading against the Keystone Assaults.  An edge of the seat tackle football game.  No surprise that with 4:45 minutes left to go in the 4th quarter, it took over 20 minutes until the end of the game in the first playoff of the North Atlantic division.  New York came in as the wild card team having won only 4 of their eight seasonal games taking the playoff at a final score of 24-19….no it’s not a typo.
Here’s how it went.  Sharks have the ball, 1st down, ball thrown to Lauren Pringle…fumble!  Keystone has the ball…gain of 13 yds to the 22 yd line.   Three minutes left to go…and at this point on the 21 yd line.  It’s third and long, clock at 2:16 a great run brings Keystone to the Sharks 19 yd line.   2- minute warning, Keystone manages the TD and is now in the lead 19-18.  They go for the two-points but Jay Danzler stops it.

With the clock at 1:39, Keystone delivers a short kick as Cheri Eleazer gets the ball and runs it to the Keystone’s 40 yd. line.  At 1:39 left to go, the ball is thrown to Lauren Pringle taking it to the 19 yd. line.  Next play takes the ball to the 3 yd line and Pringle takes it in for the TD.   One minute to go, 2 pointer fails and the Sharks are now leading 24-19. 

Kick off return and Keystone takes it to the 40-yd line. 54 seconds as a pass interference has the ball winding up at New York’s 47 yd line.  50 seconds ball incomplete.  At 37 seconds and third down the ball is blocked by “Blue” Hall.  4th down, Keystone goes for it and gets the 10 yds.   13 seconds on the 34 yd line, incomplete and it’s a do or die for Keystone at 7 seconds left to play.  Last play and the throw is incomplete!!  Owner Andra Douglas takes a breath!!!!  Let's also hear it for New York Sharks quarterback, Karen Mulligan!!!
New York battles the Boston Militia (yes, another New York vs Boston game) on Saturday, June 30th somewhere near Boston.  For further information go to

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


What can I say about the Garden Party at Pier 46 in Manhattan, except...FOOD!  It certainly gave a lot of restaurants the opportunity to show off a piece of their menu.  Long lines and many well worth the waiting.  Mingling with the LGBT community was just as good.  My friend Judy Clarke took the photos for me.  So, I'm sharing them.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


I love experiencing Cirque du Soleil for the “circus” of it as well as the humor and music.   Presently, the show Zarkana, created by Francois Girard, is being performed at Radio City Music Hall and for their final season in NYC.  After their limited engagement through September 2 they will take up permanent residency at ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.  

A permanent home lends for not thinking about limitations on height are other temporary aspects.  When I called Radio City to ask for the running time I was told that it would be 2 hours and 15 minutes with one 15 minute intermission.   Yet, it was about an hour and a half with no intermission.   I think that the information was about last year’s show.    

Back to the performance.  They describe it as “an acrobatic spectacle that blends circus arts with the surreal to create a world where physical virtuosity rubs shoulders with the bizarre.  Zarkana is a visual vortex set in a slightly twisted fantasy universe where in which a cast of more than 75 international artists transports the audience into a fantastical and suspenseful world, blurring the boundaries between the real and imaginary.”

Within Cirque du Soleil you will find that there are two “casts”.  One is the actual circus performers and the other is the “clowns” that first walk about the audience and do their thing in between the acts.   There are times that they will do “circus moves” and even a magic act as well. Zarkana’s “clowns” were dressed in some bizarre outfits. 

Now, aside from the acts, clowns and what appeared to be live music and singing throughout (I’m not sure about some of the times), there was the background digital (shows are going for digital these days…probably easier than painting backdrops).   One time there was a background of snakes and another, a background of eye balls. 

Onto the show.  The stars, or master and mistress of ceremony were Christian Goguen and Meetu Chilana.   I wish the songs were in English. As good as their singing was I had absolutely no idea what they were singing about.
Maria Choodu juggled her balls…lots of them.  Victoria Dvoretskaya and Dmitry Dvoretskiy did this thing was ladders…like a “look what I can do in balancing and strength”.  Flags followed…Frederico Pisapia Giuseppe Schiavo, Vincenzo Schiavo and Marco Senatore…tossing.  Russian Bar spotlighted Carole Demers’s acrobatics on a flexible bar held by Johnny Gasser and Yuri Kreer.   There’s always a high wire act and this one featured Pedro Carillo and Luis Acosta.   That was followed by Cyr Wheel and Aerial Hoops.  Hanging from the rafters.  One thing that was employed in the background were images of the acts as if there were more artists doing the same thing. 

Sand Painting by Erika Chen…now that was impressive with wonderful images.  Funny…I just saw someone on America’s Got Talent do that.   Trapeze was next…it’s all about timing!  Carlos Marin and Junior Delgado performed “The Wheel of Death”.   One of the two seemed to have some problems.
Anatoly Zalevskiy  did a bit of contorting hand balancing and the show ended with “Banquine” artists lifting one another on their shoulders and throwing the female acrobats into the air.

There was a writer sitting next to that had not seen a Cirque Du Soleil live performance.  He was totally impressed and one of the better ones if you’re a “virgin” at this.   I don’t feel that it’s a “must see” but if you can get half price tix then it’s fine.   Check it out on www.cirquedusoleil .com/zarkana. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I saw the New York Sharks play today with a winning score of 72-14 against the New England Nightmare.  One player, who this year's name is "Lovette 'Lovie' Watson" but last year's name was "Lovie 'Lioness' Watson", should have had the number "666" instead of "66".  Did the devil make her do it?   Honestly, if she had a weapon in her hand, there would have been dead Sharks.  Instead, she would do things like place her hand under a Sharks player's face mask and pull her down or even when the player was down would slip in some type of personal foul hoping that the ref wouldn't see.   She got called out on it once and that didn't seem to be enough to reject her from the game.  It had to happen twice.  

Talk about poor sportsmanship...The game ends and the teams line up to congrat the players as they walk past each other.  It was a good game.   Watson gets in front of her line and rather than do the "pass each other" walk, she simply stands still while the Sharks pass the team.  Hell (pun intended), are they all afraid of her? 

I must say, the New York Sharks had great patience up until the second big one that finally ensued into a fight. Just some slight injuries that might have included a concussion.   

I can't help but question the coaches.  Do they encourage her to injure the opposing team because their season is so bad? I doubt if this is the first time that this has occurred. 

Interesting that the first two letters of her name is also the first two letters of the word, "loser".  Watson would do well with a visit or a lifetime stay on Grand Cayman Island where she could go to Hell.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden Party 29 – Monday, June 18, 2012, 6:00-10:00 PM

The only LGBT tasting festival in the country will feature nearly 40 restaurants at a new location!

Garden Party started in 1984 as a backyard barbeque in the Center’s garden. This year, more than 1,500 friends and supporters will flock to Hudson River Park’s Pier 46 to celebrate Pride Week with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center and enjoy food and drink from a variety of restaurants, caterers and food trucks. The event includes a VIP SECTION from 6:00-7:00 PM that will be attended by Center supporters and elected officials.

Guests will dine “al fresco” on the pier and watch the sun set over the Hudson River while enjoying an open vodka bar and bidding on delicious dining packages at the fabulous "Foodies” Silent Auction, a popular activity at this culinary event. This year’s auction is an epicurean’s paradise, full of tasty treats from New York’s finest restaurants. Guests will bid on wine pairings, champagne brunches, three-course dinners and more. But it’s not all food – there are more delightful items to bid on from John Barrett Salon, Gilt City and David Barton Gym, to name a few. Garden Party will also feature an exciting Raffle with items curated by THEATERMANIA.

The Center is proud to welcome back longtime supporter PRUDENTIAL as our Platinum Sponsor. Thanks to Friend Sponsors BLOOMBERG, CAPITAL ONE, CITI, CONTINUUM HEALTH PARTNERS, NEW YORK LIFE and WELLS FARGO ADVISORS; Social Media Sponsors SEAMLESS, DOT429 and TASTING TABLE; Exclusive Airline Sponsor AMERICAN AIRLINES; Media Sponsor GO MAGAZINE, GAY CITY NEWS, METROSOURCE and THEATERMANIA; and DIAGEO has returned as the event’s Beverage Sponsor, featuring BV Wines and Ketel One Vodka. The Center is also grateful for the support of the following participating Corporate Volunteer Teams: AIG-LGBT Employee Resource Group, Citi PRIDE Network-NYC, Credit Suisse OPEN Network, dbPride Americas, Gap Inc., GLOBE – Deloitte, New York Life – NYLPride, PepsiCo EQUAL, Thomson Reuters Pride at Work and VIACOM/Emerge.

As the only LGBT tasting festival in the country, Garden Party is a delicious start to Pride Week in NYC with nearly 40 participating restaurants and food companies, which include: 16 Handles,  508 Restaurant & Bar,  Amy's Bread,  Anejo Tequileria,  Aria,  Benny's Burritos,  Brick Lane Curry House,  Corner Shop Café,  Dell' anima,  Donatella,  Dos Caminos,  En Japanese Brasserie,  Esca,  Fonda,  Good Restaurant,  Grandaisy Bakery,  L'Artusi,  La Cremeria,  Li-Lac Chocolates, Mappamondo,  Mitchmallows,  Murray's Cheese,  North Square,  Oceana, Peanut Butter & Co.,  Poco,  Presidential Caterers,  Redwood Kitchenette & Bar,  Rickshaw Dumplings,  Ron Ben-Israel Cakes, Smörgås Chef,  Sonnier & Castle,  The Taco Shop,  The Treats Truck,  Tiffin and Thali,  Uncle Paul's Pizza and Café and Zampa Winebar & Kitchen.

For a full listing of restaurants and food companies, auction participants and to purchase tickets, visit

Garden Party kicks off Pride Week in New York City and is the Center’s largest annual fundraiser. Proceeds from Garden Party 29 will benefit the Center’s life-affirming and life-changing programs and services, and allows the Center to keep its doors open 365 days a year.

WHAT              The only LGBT culinary festival in the country, benefiting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center

WHO                Visit for a full listing of food participants

WHEN              Monday, June 18, 2012
                        6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

WHERE           Hudson River Park’s Pier 46
West Side Highway and Christopher Street
New York City

HOW                Tickets begin at $85 and will be $100 day of event
Tickets are on sale exclusively through

About the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center:
A beacon of hope for 29 years, the Center builds and supports our community through arts and culture, wellness and recovery, HIV/AIDS related services, family services and life-saving youth programs designed to foster healthy development in a safe, affirming environment. The Center envisions a world where LGBT people will no longer face discrimination or isolation because of who we are or who we love. We offer a welcoming home to 300,000 visitors each year and we are committed to serving all LGBT people through a variety of programs, services and activities that are designed to meet existing and emerging needs. The Center is many things to many people. We invite you to experience our home at 208 West 13th Street in person and online at

Monday, June 4, 2012


New York's Little Italy has gotten tinier, yet a new Italian market place has opened in Manhattan on 23rd Street and 5th Avenue.  An entrance on 23rd Street leads to a cooking school.  The sign reads, "La Scuola Grande. Dean: Lidia Bastianich. Eat to Learn, Learn to Eat.  This particular class encompassed the Sicilian region with both food and wines.

La Scuola offers the opportunity to highlight the regions as the classes focus on one each month.  Lidia first introduced the staff for the evening to include Executive Chef Alex Pilas and Sous Chef Alicia Walter as well as the dignitaries from Sicily, Piergiorgio Sabatini, region of Sicily communications officer, and Dario Cartabellotta Director of Food and Agriculture. 

The menu began with an aperitivo of Tasca d'Almerita - Brut 2008.  I'm certainly happy that there was some bread and Italian imported olive oil as each course was paired with a wine. As each wine was served, an explanation was offered.

The first course was Antipasto was a Duo di Pane Cunzato of Acciughe con Peperonata & Caponata di Melanzane, of which the ingredients consisted of:   

Agostino Recca capers in salt
Geraci Nocellara extra virgin olive oil
Agostino Recca fillets of anchovy in olive oil
Ponti red wine vinegar
Red peppers
Red onion
Plum tomatoes
Pine nuts
House rustico bread

This was paired with white wine of Valle dell' Acate - "Zagra" 2011. 

On to the Secondo of Tonno Fresco al Forno con Capperi, Pomodorini e Origano of which the ingredients consisted of:

Heirloom multicolor cherry tomatoes
Villa Reale dried oregano

A red wine, Girolamo Russo - Etna Rosso "A Rina" 2010 was paired with this delicious delicacy.

Lastly was the Dolce of  Cannoli Sicilian. Pastry Chef Katia Delogu spoke about the two cannolis that were being prepared as well as a bit of history on the dessert.  "Why cannoli? Because we like", said Delogu.  She recommended the use of sheep's milk ricotta and to you a sieve for the best texture. Add  sugar and Candied orange peel to one, chocolate to the other.

 A dessert wine of Caravaglio Antonino - Malvaia dell Lipari 2008 was the delightfully sweet ending.

I was treated to a souvenir book called, Sicily Notes on the grape harvest...with the women of the island, by Andrea Zanfi. Lots of photos and stories. 

Left to right: Piergiorgio Sabatini (region of Sicily communications officer), Alex Pilas (Executive Chef of Eataly), Dario Cartabellotta (Director of Food and Agriculture – Sicily), Lidia Bastianich (Eataly principal, chef, author, TV personality, restaurateur), Dino Borri (Eataly Head Buyer), Luca Baffigo (Eataly partner)