Saturday, June 9, 2012


I saw the New York Sharks play today with a winning score of 72-14 against the New England Nightmare.  One player, who this year's name is "Lovette 'Lovie' Watson" but last year's name was "Lovie 'Lioness' Watson", should have had the number "666" instead of "66".  Did the devil make her do it?   Honestly, if she had a weapon in her hand, there would have been dead Sharks.  Instead, she would do things like place her hand under a Sharks player's face mask and pull her down or even when the player was down would slip in some type of personal foul hoping that the ref wouldn't see.   She got called out on it once and that didn't seem to be enough to reject her from the game.  It had to happen twice.  

Talk about poor sportsmanship...The game ends and the teams line up to congrat the players as they walk past each other.  It was a good game.   Watson gets in front of her line and rather than do the "pass each other" walk, she simply stands still while the Sharks pass the team.  Hell (pun intended), are they all afraid of her? 

I must say, the New York Sharks had great patience up until the second big one that finally ensued into a fight. Just some slight injuries that might have included a concussion.   

I can't help but question the coaches.  Do they encourage her to injure the opposing team because their season is so bad? I doubt if this is the first time that this has occurred. 

Interesting that the first two letters of her name is also the first two letters of the word, "loser".  Watson would do well with a visit or a lifetime stay on Grand Cayman Island where she could go to Hell.

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