Saturday, June 2, 2012


Murder Mysteries can get you involved in various ways with my favorite as a weekend at a hotel where you can choose to even dress up and allow others to think that you just might be the culprit.  There I was able to visit a dead bloodies body in a tub and the actress didn't even more a muscle.

My second favorite was one where each of the guests were given a name, character and scenario to fill, along with the actors doing their thing as well. 

There was one that took place on the streets of New York where we started at the South Street Seaport and broke into groups.  It was part walking tour as we learned about each destination spot that would give us a clue to the next spot of which one was a bar where a drink was thrown in.  

What's in common with each murder mystery is a killing (or perhaps two) and a cop or detective coming into the scene with information and then sending you off to seek the culprit or culprits.  Many even involved a prize for guessing and in some cases one for getting the most votes that you were the culprit. 

This last murder mystery took place at Fonana's, a bar located at the lower East Side of Manhattan.  We had broken into groups (or you come as a group), took a seat downstairs while the police sergeant (with Irish accent) informed us of the murders.  Each group was given a bag containing a hat (for one of your group to where as the team color...with badge), a map to where each of the spots would have someone to question, pads and pencil, and a few photos.  

We approached the suspects knowing that we could ask many questions.  Each of these suspects was in period clothing and doing their thing.  It made for passerby's wanting to stop and listen...both residents and tourists alike. That made for more fun.  Clues gathered we were back at Fonana's to ask further questions of the suspects and then decide who did it and the motives.

Here is what is says about the event called The Ryan Case -1873. In the wee hours of the night, siblings are found dead in their tenement, the air reeking of foul play. During this two-hour interactive adventure, participants act as teams of detectives, prowling New York City neighborhoods and interviewing various characters to uncover the truth behind a real-life unsolved murder from the 1870s. This Drama Desk Award-nominated Live IN Theater production, created by actor and director Carlo D'Amore, combines history, mystery and theater -- resulting in an exciting two hours of one-of-a-kind entertainment. Pay attention as you encounter many unsavory characters and discover clues along your beat. You'll confront the suspects in the hope of finally bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Murder mystery dinner theatre is another venue and although may be fun doesn't lend for as much involvement or exercise

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