Sunday, June 24, 2012


The score was 18-13 with the New York Sharks leading against the Keystone Assaults.  An edge of the seat tackle football game.  No surprise that with 4:45 minutes left to go in the 4th quarter, it took over 20 minutes until the end of the game in the first playoff of the North Atlantic division.  New York came in as the wild card team having won only 4 of their eight seasonal games taking the playoff at a final score of 24-19….no it’s not a typo.
Here’s how it went.  Sharks have the ball, 1st down, ball thrown to Lauren Pringle…fumble!  Keystone has the ball…gain of 13 yds to the 22 yd line.   Three minutes left to go…and at this point on the 21 yd line.  It’s third and long, clock at 2:16 a great run brings Keystone to the Sharks 19 yd line.   2- minute warning, Keystone manages the TD and is now in the lead 19-18.  They go for the two-points but Jay Danzler stops it.

With the clock at 1:39, Keystone delivers a short kick as Cheri Eleazer gets the ball and runs it to the Keystone’s 40 yd. line.  At 1:39 left to go, the ball is thrown to Lauren Pringle taking it to the 19 yd. line.  Next play takes the ball to the 3 yd line and Pringle takes it in for the TD.   One minute to go, 2 pointer fails and the Sharks are now leading 24-19. 

Kick off return and Keystone takes it to the 40-yd line. 54 seconds as a pass interference has the ball winding up at New York’s 47 yd line.  50 seconds ball incomplete.  At 37 seconds and third down the ball is blocked by “Blue” Hall.  4th down, Keystone goes for it and gets the 10 yds.   13 seconds on the 34 yd line, incomplete and it’s a do or die for Keystone at 7 seconds left to play.  Last play and the throw is incomplete!!  Owner Andra Douglas takes a breath!!!!  Let's also hear it for New York Sharks quarterback, Karen Mulligan!!!
New York battles the Boston Militia (yes, another New York vs Boston game) on Saturday, June 30th somewhere near Boston.  For further information go to

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