Sunday, June 3, 2012


Stop & Shop recently came up with a new double your money back policy.  Frankly, I'm thrilled and will have them keep their promise.  Milk has been as issue a few times.  It doesn't matter what the sale date has if it doesn't taste fresh when you first open it.  Blame the doors opening and closing or whatever.  It's not as if I can taste the milk before I buy it and yes I did get double my money back as it was an organic milk. 

You can't expect the guarantee for marked down fruits and veggies.  What's good about this is when you buy meat that has a sticker for a dollar or whatever off for being the final sale date.  It should still taste fresh if you either eat it that day or freeze it for later.

It's about what you can't see...packaged meats...the ones that are hidden. The top one looks perfect and you can see parts of the rest.  Here's what I encountered.  T-bone steaks were on sale for the same price as New York Strip steaks.  I asked the butcher to tell me the difference.  He said that it is like getting two steaks and one side of the bone has the "filet mignon".   Perfect.  I bought two "family" packages.  However, when I broke it up to freeze each as a portion, I found that about half had the filet part practically cut off.  Needless to say I wasn't able to see that as they were tucked under the really good ones.  Yes, they are going back and I expect to get double my money.  From now on I will take photos of my hidden foods as I unwrap them.

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