Thursday, May 31, 2012


New Yorkers would know about Uncle Louie G Italian Ice Cream and Ices...mainly for the 42 different Italian Ice flavors and even more flavors of ice cream. I checked out a new place located at 98-04 101st Avenue in Ozone Park.  I actually tasted about 40 flavors between both.

I met owner John Conza who wanted to complete his dream of cream and along with his family opened two Uncle Louie G's and waiting for a third to open.  The store is simply a place to buy the scooped ice cream and ices an being able to taste before you choose.

That's exactly what I did...tasted.  Ice cream: cookies and cream, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, pistachio, vanilla, chocolate fudge brownie, banana, cappuccino, cremalata, cherry vanilla, chocolate peanut butter, Brooklyn cheesecake, birthday cake, spumoni, strawberry, red velvet, and black raspberry.

Ices: mint chocolate chip, creamsicle, vanilla chip, chocolate mousse, chocolate peanut butter cup, spumoni, rainbow cookie, oreo, jelly ring, vanilla pretzel, vanilla peanut butter chocolate pretzel, cherry chip, watermelon, honeydew, root beer.

When it comes to ice cream and ices it's all about having something cold and full of flavor.  The fun is in choosing and enjoying the taste.  Watching the look on people's faces....especially what most of Conza's enjoyment is about.  I've given up the "fun" part and continue to explore additives, fat content, etc.

As for recommendation...I prefer the ices to the ice cream.

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