Saturday, May 19, 2012


What can I say...I love Japanese food.   Shiro of Japan has two locations; one in Carle Place, Long Island and the other in Glendale in Queens.  Nancy and I didn't want to sit at the hibachi.  Hanging left of the host stand we are in the dining room where the sushi bar sits and a completely different menu.  Sunny was our waiter, who first presented us with the drink menu...of course. Skip to the very long sake selections.  Needing assistance Sunny recommended the Nionjin No Wasuremono Bunraku, a Yamahai Junmai.  Excellent choice! Kampai!

I was interested in Executive Chef  Hiro Ishikawa's specials and signature dishes.  The four Chef Special do change. Here is what started with.  Tropical Roll of tempura shrimp inside, topped with tuna and mango. Lobster Fiesta Roll with white tuna and mango inside, seared lobster with butter and scallions on top. Faccibene Roll is a basic California roll topped with tuna, salmon, and lobster salad with eel sauce and sweet chili. Exotic Salmon and Tuna Appetizer of spicy tuna and avocado, wrapped with salmon and topped with eel sauce and masago.  They were all soooooo  good.  Kampai!

The appetizer menu has a sampling for two of which four were chosen.  Fish and Chips Shiro Style is thinly sliced tuna and salmon marinated in sweet miso yuzu served over crisp lotus root and sweet potato chips.  Fried oysters were coated with panko. Popcorn Shrimp was fried in potato basket accompanied by a curry a mayo dipping sauce. Lastly was Broiled Cod. Kampai!

Next was one of Shiro's Signature Rolls called Black Dragon Roll.  Get this...Jake (chopped shrimp, crunchy, crab mixed with mayo and fish egg) inside, topped with avocado, eel, tobiko, scallion, and sweet eel sauce.  Kampai!

As entrees we chose the Filet of Beef Steak sauteed with Japanese mushrooms and the Tempura Scallops. We didn't go for the whole entree accompaniments of miso soup, Shiro salad, and green tea.  The Beef Steak came with broccoli, asparagus, carrots, and potatoes.  Tempura veggies of broccoli and other delicious goodies filled the plate of the Tempura Scallops.  Kampai!

The advantage of eating in the dining room is having the privacy that you may not get at a hibachi.  On a busy day, you are most likely sitting with people you never met along with the habachi "performance".  You can get sushi appetizers, etc. at the hibachi table.  However, you cannot order some of the hibachi menu items when sitting at the dining area.  Kampai!

This is a photo of Nancy. We've been buddies since college.  "Kampai" is the toast that you say when you drink. Each of the above "kampais" was a shot.  

For reservations at the Glendale location call 718-326-8704.  Check it all out at 

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