Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I should have blogged this days ago but it's never too late for a deal.   Fairway Market is selling live lobsters for $6.99 per pound regardless of the size until the 31st of this month.  I'm looking to pick up three.  I am going to ask them to steam one of them, prepare another for broiling, and just a live one that I will steam in beer.  I'll be asking all kinds of questions such as:  the difference between male and female in terms of taste; softer shell vs harder shell; best time to buy them; from which waters; best way to cook and for how long;  the red and the green... how good is it? 

If you are around the New York area, check out the events page to see which "monger" will be at a store near you.  They are just opening another store in  New Jersey and I believe the next one will be in Westbury, Long Island...hey that's not too far from the Westbury theatre. 

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