Sunday, May 6, 2012


I went to the opening of a new Facial Bar located at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center in Bayside, 
Queens.  I was given this most relaxing facial treatment.  Great part is that there is no disrobing of any
 clothing.  What you give up is the privacy and silence but well worth it.  Here's what it's all about.

The Repêchage “Facial Bar” is a new  business concept developed by Lydia Sarfati (Founder &
CEO of Repêchage) that enables spas to offer fast, affordable facial treatments that deliver
immediately visible results in an open setting. Facial Bar allows customers to have more accessible,
affordable and clinical skincare that they can indulge in more often (even on lunch break!). Lydia’s
philosophy is that, just like we take time for a weekly manicure or blowout, we should also take care
of our skin on a regular basis.
 In terms of time and money, Facial Bar gives consumers access to express facial treatments that a
15-30 minutes long, and cost $25-$75, depending on the treatment. A traditional, non-express facial
 takes an hour, and costs at least $125 (some facials can cost $250 or more!).

Facial Bar is the name for the concept; each spa’s Facial Bar can offer a variety of different express
facial treatments, which all have their own names. I can share examples if you need.

        All of Repêchage’s professional spa treatments are delivered to spas in unidose packaging, and
arrive in  boxes. The boxes contain individually portioned treatments. The Biolight Professional 
Treatment Box, which you photographed, contains what’s needed to perform the hour-long Biolight 
Miracle Facial. The express treatments used in the Facial Bar concept come in similar packaging, but it 
doesn’t really have anything to do with the Facial Bar concept itself. 

Other spas are rolling out Facial Bar, in addition to Christie & Co. At this point,
The plan is to keep expanding into Lydia’s wide network of spas - Her “Spa de Beaute” concept is currently 
implemented in 300 spas globally, and her Repêchage professional treatments are offered in more than 
30,000 doors – So Facial Bar is poised to be the next national / global beauty breakthrough.

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