Sunday, May 27, 2012


It’s back! Yes, the Big Apple Circus has returned to Cunningham Park in Queens.   The bad news is that it’s Grandma’s last gig with them.  The good news is that I thought it was the best Big Apple I’ve seen and centers on a Flights of Fancy machine.

Lions, tigers, and elephants…are not my thing and neither was theirs.   How can you not like one cute dog, a pig, a porcupine, woodchuck (who didn’t chuck wood) and some darling horses that some lucky ringside seat humans were able to pet.  They are trained and led by Jenny Vidgel.

Grandma (Mark Gindick) is the clown but Jenna Robinson runs the show and singing live (meaning that she’s using her voice and not a corpse).  Scott & Muriel are seen most often as comic illusionists.  

What else can you expect?  Dimitry Chenov is a clown and juggler doing much with his balls. Melanie Chy does a hand balancing act.  Acrobats are a must and the troupe from China is called Shandong Acrobats.  Okay, there was one boo boo this night and no one was hurt.  Aerials are required and the Flying Cortes had me (and everyone else) at the edge of their seats. I’ve often wondered what this exactly meant.  

One more act (and these are not in order of appearance) was Anna Volodko with her aerial rope.
So…hooray for the circus, away for the circus.  You’re gonna have a good time!

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