Friday, April 27, 2012


After that fabulous lunch we set off to Mt. Kisco with the first stop at Epidavros Day Spa on North Bedford Road. I had a facial. I don't know exactly which one is was (I will find out when Sandra, the owner, talks on my radio show. All I know that it that there were layers of wonderful stuff put on and taken off my face to make it moist an smooth. I was also given a much need foot massage.

I wanted to sleep afterward but it was time for Laurie and I to check into the hotel. Holiday Inn, located on Holiday Inn Drive (I wonder if I can get the name of my street changed to Merle Exit Lane) in Mt. Kisco. Laurie and I each had our own room as I tend to snore and want to keep this long time friendship going. Not wanting to bring my Netbook, I found that they had a few computers so I was able to check my email. A full buffet breakfast is included. I had asked for a frig in my room so I could store any leftovers or any other goodies that I bought.

Next on the agenda was the Westchester Dinner Theatre located in Elmsford. Legally Blonde, the musical was being performed. I did see the show on Broadway but it was years ago and didn't remember it enough to make a comparison. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the movie on television. Talent wise, the show was quite good. The food is pretty good. There is certainly a long list of other food and drinks to be purchased beyond the salad, entree and dessert to include coffee or tea. Hairspray is the next show coming up.

The next morning we decided to view the downtown area of Mt. Kisco. Connie's Bakery & General Store seemed like an interesting shop. Their thing is that they give 100% of the profits to charity. General Store portion had much chachkas to choose from. Great baked goods of cookies and cakes. Sampled some cookies, and other tasty items. Problem is that they may not be there for long. There were two other shops that we wanted to visit (a list of "what's around" was provided by the hotel...they need to update the list) but they were forever.

Now, lunch was most interesting. There is this what I would call an "Entertainment Center". The two main attractions are the Grand Prix race cars and the Spins Bowling. In between there are bouncy areas for kids as well as a restaurant. Actually the name of the place is Grand Prix New York (also in Mt. Kisco). Laurie and were using both of our gps to find it. The trip kept on being a hoot to hear each of the women giving directions. Grand Prix is not on North Bedford itself as you have to go down a ramp. Thank goodness for signs. We had lunch at their Fuel Restaurant. I would recommend eating here even if you're not participating. I started off with a tasty drink that had a wee bit of alcohol and looked like an ice cream float. We had a chicken salad, rack of ribs and mac and cheese topped with bacon. I thought that the ribs might be the kind that comes precooked and vacuumed sealed. However, I am told that the ribs are freshly smoked and cooked on the premises. I'm impressed! I had not intention of racing around the indoor track. Laurie was much braver than I. These race cars get up to a speed of 40 mph. Okay, I have to admit that it's the getting in and out of the low vehicle that I can't do. Hey it was about 10 or so years ago when I found myself faced with a window to climb into.

That afternoon we spent a short time at another nature venue called Teatown, which had nothing to do with tea. The main building houses little animals for the purpose of education.  Lots of turtles, some ferrets, and a snake.  Hiking trails and an area with birds.  We weren't able to go to Wildflower Island that day as you have to be on a tour.

We had dinner at Chez Lang...the house of Enid and Gene Lang.  I requested chicken wings made the same as when I had them around 50 years ago at when Enid lived in the Bronx.  Her mom's recipe passed down. We all went to Yorktown Stage to see Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.  Not at all disappointed with the acting or singing. 

One show that certainly stood out was at the Westchester Philharmonic in White Plains. Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg was performing.  I had never heard of her.  It was an all strings concert with Nadja directing and soloing.  You just have to see this woman perform!  There was an expression on her face for each note that she played!  Although she has cds, I wish she would put out a DVD.  After the show it was homeward bound.

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