Monday, January 27, 2014


Imagine that many people spend more money to be at the Super Bowl game than their entire allowance for Christmas gifts.   That one day ticket to the New Jersey venue, with all the trimmings, can cost as much as a week’s vacation on a cruise ship or even a new car. 

Super Bowl parties are a great option, especially with the electronics that almost make as if you were seated there, and most likely minus that warm gear you’ll need for protection from this wonderful frigid air.   Pre-celebrations are popping up as well including a Sailgate Party the days before.   On Friday, January 31st and Saturday February 1st, chow down on game day grub while taking in the New York skyline view on the elegant “glassy” Bateaux, one of many ships associated with Entertainment Cruises.

Times Square converted an area into Superbowl Way…a way to cash in on the New Jersey venue figuring on many people will go into Manhattan for entertainment.  Bobsledding?  They are calling it a slide.  Heard them talking about it all on Good Day New York with Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly. Rosanna hasn’t let up on her “injury” when members of the New York Sharks, women’s pro football team were there to demonstrate some football “moves” as she became the quarterback.  Greg had told the Nose Guard to rush her.  Oops!  Now, Rosanna is a bit reluctant to riding the slide.

Vetro restaurant, in Howard Beach, is hosting a party the day of the game starting at 6 p.m. View the game on a ten foot screen and enjoy a buffet style dinner with all American favorites. Keep the celebration going with a cocktail from their Top Shelf open bar. Participate for prizes at halftime and at the end of the game. Price is $80 complete!

My thoughts are at my home and a menu that a group of females into gourmet foods might prefer.  Time to shop at Fairway as I think about the grub.  With much of the food being protein, breakfast needs to provide both warmth and fiber.  Bob’s Red Mill has multi-grain hot cereals and Fairway has their brand on Greek Yogurt and Organic Milk.  

No Velveeta for me!  With all the variety of cheeses here I asked Ann for a combo that would do well on taste and melt.  “Australian Cheddar and New Zealand 12 month aged.”  Ben’s natural cream cheese and a Russian pot cheese conjured up thoughts of making blintzes as well. I will test Ann’s combo by making a grilled cheese sandwich on a challah bread roll.  Tested it out on the Pro-Bowl game and did not like the combo.

Finger food!  Fairway’s no-chemical frozen shrimp was on sale. Murray’s has a new brand of chicken with no GMO’s and sealed packaged with no foam thing on the bottom.  Chicken Wings! I’ll cut them into wing parts and marinate.  Fresh cod and organic salmon fillets. I’ll grind some up that will make for fabulous fish cakes.  Got the eggs and panko bread crumbs to make them mini-sized.  Sushi would also be a great item.  Hey, we can use the chop sticks as utensils!

Filet Mignon was also on sale.  I cut it up into small sizes for sliders.  Fairway steak sauce and cole slaw as I’ll be cutting up the rolls. Slaw is already washed and shredded.  Just need to add salt, mayo and sugar.  

Last week I attended one of Fairway’s delicious cooking events.  Australian Lamb chops that inspired me to make lollipop lamb chops.  A rack has 8 chops and already trimmed.  

Gotta have beer and no six-pack will do.  Have you ever seen the variety that Fairway has?  With the traveling and tasting that I’ve done in the past, there were two tall bottled beers that caught my eye and palate memory. Both Belgian, one is called Kwak.  The other, a framboise, Lambic ale brewed with raspberries. OMG!

Dessert.  While in the bakery dept I spotted a Fairway NY Style Cheesecake that was challenging Junior’s. For me the challenge would be against one made at La Cheesecake in College Point.  Hmmm…I have the cream cheese, eggs, sugar, almond extract…I just might create my own.  

As it happens I also attended a sneak peek Housewares Show, the preview to the annual one in Chicago.  What could be better than a Vita-Mix?  A Bellini Kitchen Master cooks…not just heats and is self-cleaning. I’ll follow up on this when it arrives. In the meantime check the product out on 

I asked Stephen, the GM of the Douglaston venue, for any particular recommendation.  “Fairway has their own torilla chips, salsa and guacamole”. Got the chunky style guac and it wasn’t chunky at all.  Let’s see. I have the cheeses, cilantro and a can of crushed tomatoes. Cheese combo may work better with this.  Perhaps someone may still be hungry since you never know how long that game will last.

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