Monday, April 7, 2014


Astoria or Long Island City, whichever you prefer to call it, has a not so average butcher shop.   Here the meats are organic, the beef grass fed.  It looks delicious enough to eat right there. In fact, you can as the Butcher Bar is a restaurant as well.

I sampled their most popular items such as the "Meat Candy" Beef burnt ends that come from the double smoking of their brisket of beef.  To taste the difference, slices of the brisket were sampled as well.  Both tasted delish.  Smoked Pulled Pork was oh so tender. 

For a meat based restaurant, they certainly know how to cook up a mean Mac and Cheese that doesn't taste as if it were soaked in Velveeta.   Choose the right cheeses and make it creamy. 

Hey, if you are eating smoked meat, you gotta have freshly made baked beans.  Don't ask for the family recipe.
One of the side dish popular items is the sauteed string beans with bacon and onions which I could understand its popularity. 
You may want to check out their website for further information and more about the chicken, lamb and pork products.

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