Thursday, January 15, 2015


I am so glad that the “Holiday” season is behind us especially since “they” have coined it as a season of “giving”.  I coin it as a season of GUILT.  It’s the fear of what may happen to you if you don’t adhere to someone’s wishes rather than allowing a person to take responsibility for their own experience. 

We are also supposed to feel guilty that we did not buy enough stuff that we or another person really doesn’t need at the stores. OMG, the stores may go out of business because we don’t have enough money to spend.  We’ve already given it to the people ringing the bells and everyone with a sad story conjured up to make us feel better about what we should be thankful for and the story teller doesn’t have….even if they are a half-fast liar. 

The reality is that we tend to judge our own success by the amount and high prices of “things” that we are able to buy.  I still have two 27 inch tvs. Why?  Because they work just fine.  Fios keeps hitting me to buy bigger packages so I can have more horrible television stations.  I’ve sunken to watch reruns of Doogie Howser very late at night and totally look forward to Downton Abbey on Sundays.  Now Hugh Bonneville has landed a short role on Galavant as well as the new animated film Paddington. 

You travel and then are expected to buy gifts for your family or friends.  Why would you buy an item that bares the name of where you went which only reminds them that every time they look at it sends of message of “I went and you didn’t or couldn’t”.  If it’s the “thought that counts”, just tell them what you were thinking of buying them.  That’s not too half-fast.

Have you ever traveled to Newport, Rhode Island and visited the mansions?  I’ve yet to understand how it works.  You are paying to tour homes that will make sure you understand that you cannot or never will be able to afford.  Then they send you to their gift shop to make you feel guilty that they don’t have enough money to maintain the mansion and property. Now you can get a high priced token of memoir to remind you how you are having trouble paying your own mortgage.  You then feel so badly that you eat at every food place you come to winding up with just enough money to get you home.  Now that’s half-fast. 

Needless to say, I stay up late at night either writing or watching tv…or both. Judging from the commercials, there is a belief that people who stay up very late have trouble dealing with their bladder.  I am tempted to get a pair of Depends and “show my underwear” when I go to the supermarket just to see how people react.   It has occurred to me that they would be great for when women are attending an event where they know that there is going to be a long line at the ladies room.  I picture the smiles of relief on their faces knowing that they can simply change a pad when they get in the stall.  The commercials are half-fast but the idea isn’t.

“Made in the USA”.  Don’t let it fool you.  The product itself is assembled in the USA, but the parts are imported.  It’s not like coffee beans, cocoa beans and other products that simply have to be grown elsewhere.  It is much cheaper to get foreign parts rather than to make them from scratch here.   I have checked this out.  Half-fast?

IDNYC card.  How many id cards do I need to carry with me?  I have a photo id for non-drivers and it shows my address.  If you don’t think it’s a New York City address, you can simply look at the first three digits of my zip code!  Is that too much trouble?  There aren’t that many.  It is also just another id that can be replicated and not for positive purposes.  This id allows you to obtain a one-year membership at many of the cultural venues in NYC all of which are owned by the city.  Some of these places give you free admission with the membership.  The question is, will those who have shelled out the money over the years and paid for their 2015 membership have any priority when it comes to tickets for an event?  Half-fast?

NOT half-fast is what’s going on at Flushing Town Hall.   If you saw Cirque du Soleil’s show called Totem, you might remember the scientist who did the fast juggling.   His name is Greg Kennedy and he’s doing his own show to include a few high (not too high) flying assistants as well.   In addition there will be a juggling workshop for kids ages 6 and up.   You’re not shelling out big bucks for either on January 24th.  Google their website for more info and further events. 

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