Friday, March 13, 2015


Here are creations made with Fairytale Brownies.

A little cream cheese on the ears,  half a frozen cherry for the nose, the use of these tiny rice crispies for the eyes and whiskers and two tic tacs for the teeth.

One great thing about these brownies is the ability to mold in you hands.  I took one regular size original brownie and was able to make three larger "eggs" and two small ones.  They are sitting atop a tea called Jasmine Rooibos Rose Petals.  The top "crust" of the brownie gave it it's second color.

Now, take the same size brownie with chocolate chips.  Remove the chips.  Create the "eggs", melt the chips and dip the top and bottom in the melted chocolate.  If you want to decorate the eggs at all, I suggest you use a whipped up cream cheese as a "paint".  If you are willing to share these, they can simply pop an egg and you can wait to hear the "yummy" noises.  Got milk?

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