Sunday, July 26, 2015


Fresh Direct and Peapod are the two most popular online food shopping venues that deliver.  While Fresh Direct has their own warehouse, Peapod is connected with Stop and Shop.  You cannot, however, pick out your food and therefore have to depend upon them for the shopping.  There are a few supermarkets that do the same including the Keyfood (now called Dynasty) located in Rego Park on Woodhaven Blvd. 

Howard Beach’s Keyfood started selling the delicious goods from Russo’s on the Bay.  At some point you would be able to get some of the products at this Rego Park location.  I went online to test it out on what they choose to see if they shopped well for me. I live in their delivery zone and the minimum is $40 with a $5 charge to do the shopping for me with no charge for delivery.  To compare, Fresh Direct has a minimum of $30, delivery charge of $5.00. Peapod want’s a $75 minimum with a delivery charge of $9.99.

I noticed a few flaws when going online with Keyfood and called the store directly.  Many of the products are not offered and prices are not the same.  On the positive end, you can refer to the weekly flyer for what’s on sale.  I wanted to try something they that totally prepared at their deli counter and opted for two types of chicken wings (Buffalo and BBQ) at a price of $5.99 per pound.  Tears were emanating from my eyes with the Buffalo.  My stomach bothered me for many hours after having both. 

I love shaved steak.  I can usually get that at Trader Joe’s.  I asked if they could get it that thin and Jose, the GM, said that I could.  As for the cut, I chose eye round as it was recommended via online research as being a cheap but excellent cut for that use.  Flyer price was $5.99 per pound.  It takes about 45 seconds for this to cook and goes great in either stir fries or sandwiches.  I tend to use ginger and scallions. 

I called in my list and was gotten back with on what was there or wasn’t along with the total.  I was even able to use my credit card just the way I did for Fresh Direct and Peapod.  It was soon after that the food was delivered.  I did not have to wait for a time slot. 

All was fine except for the beef.  It was cut thin but not shaved.  I called and asked if they are able to do this and was assured by Jose.  He told me to keep it in the refrigerator and someone would come and pick it up while exchanging it for the shaved beef.  The store closes at 10 p.m. and it is almost 9 p.m.  No pick up or phone call.   Yes, I finally called to hear Jose tell me that he had forgotten and complained about how he works 16-hours a day.  I guess this Keyfood doesn’t deliver when it comes to keeping agreements. 

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