Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Although I am not an avid coffee drinker, I do love the aroma of fresh ground coffee as well as the taste.  Caffeine is not my style as it kind of makes me shake.  Forget a morning cup and evening keeps me up.   I can deal with it during the afternoon having eaten.  Cold brewed coffee is the best.  There is less acidity.   Better than instant coffee is a cold brewed concentrate from Califia Farms.   A 32 oz container yields 8 standing cups.  I happen to love coffee milk, if you know what I mean. 
Ronnybrook Farms has coffee milk, but I like to prepare it myself.   Therefore the 32 oz. container yields at least 12 cups.  With Ronnybrook Creamline that is not homogenized, I find it unnecessary to add sugar. 

Califia Farms have other products, much of which is about almond milk.  I decided to do a test with their Barista Blend.  I find that milk made from anything other than coming from a cow, has the taste and consistency of skim milk.   I can handle a reduced fat, but that is where I draw the line.   The challenge is Califia Farms Barista Blend of pure almond milk.  I shook up the container and poured a small amount into a glass.  Much to my surprise it had the consistency of close to whole milk and sweet.   I would actually have no problem simply having a glass.  They say that you can use almond milk as a substitute for cow’s milk in regards to cooking. 

Here’s an idea.  Combined the Barista Blend with cardamom (use a spice grinder to crush or powdered cardamom), and vanilla extract in a pot.  Cook until almost a boil and add a combination of corn starch mixed with cold water.  Add and stir to thicken and you will get a yummy tasting pudding!

I did a test of sweetened coffee with the Ronnybrook and  Califia with unsweetened coffee. I found both to be excellent but just a bit difference in taste.  Their almond milk is a great substitute.   I have yet to try their creamers or flavored almond milk.  I did sample two of their juice drinks called Agua Fresca and OMG. Watermelon Ginger-Lime and Strawberry Basil.  The Citrus Juice line had Tart Cherry Lemonade (Meyer lemons are used). 

Here is what they say about the juices.  “The fruit from our family farm is squeezed at our juice plant and directly bottled there, too – it is pure squeezed and made with only all natural, premium ingredients. Our California Orange Juice is made with mostly not from concentrate orange juice with some orange juice from concentrate mixed in to add balance to the seasonal taste variance of the orange crop. Our Lemonade is not made with juice from concentrate, and our Limeade has some lime juice from concentrate added to it for flavor consistency.” www.califiafarms.com 

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