Wednesday, December 2, 2015


While exploring the Garden City area, Laurie and I took a lunch break to go to the Garden City Hotel.  I have not been there in years and heard that they did much renovating at this old hotel.  One of my concerns was accessibility as I had to use a rollator walker.  

I checked out their website and did not find anything that revealed “accessibility”.   In fact, the only way to find out (other than calling them) is to go through booking a room.  When you plug in the dates and now looking to choose a room, you will have a choice of accessible rooms.   Well, we weren’t looking to stay over.

Upon arrival at the front, there are some handicapped parking spots.  However, when you get to the doors, there is a curb!  Nothing is posted in the way of a ramp.  There are doormen who will open the doors, but they did not offer to assist in my now having to pick up the rollator and get it over the curb. 

In most hotels, you can press a button and double doors will open.   Although there are double doors they did not seem to have a button to open both.  The doorman will open one so that you don’t have to use the revolving door.

At one point I am in the lobby where the Polo restaurant is located and needed to use a restroom.  I am instructed to take the elevator to the second floor and it will be opposite the elevator.   I do so and find it absolutely difficult to open the door.  To be honest, I would have not been able to do so if I was in a wheelchair.   Does anyone check the bathrooms?  There was no toilet paper!  I had to go to the adjoining stall and pull out one of those extra rolls. 

We eat at the Polo Lounge where they have a Business Lunch. “Guaranteed within 30 minutes. Choose from a selected appetizer, main course and any side $32”. 
According to the website, the lunch is served in the adjoining Polo Steakhouse.  We are placed at a table in the Lounge up against the piano.  At first, the waiter told us that they were not doing this business lunch anymore.  Having spoken with someone only a few days before, I requested that he ask someone.  The menu has stars to show what can be chosen.   I chose the Vine Ripened Tomato and  Burrata, with a spinach pesto for my appetizer.  It’s a one up from fresh mozzarella with slices of tomato and fresh basil.   They serve these New England cheese biscuits rather than bread.  

Entrée course was a Grilled Skirt Steak, charred Rapini Pomme Puree (mashed potatoes) and Maitre D’Hotel Butter.  The sides listed did not have any ones with a star, so I just assumed that “any side dish” was one of these.  I opted for the Grilled Asparagus with Citrus Salsa.  The waiter said that these sides are not part of the deal as the dish already comes with a side.   Wait….what do they mean by “any side dish”?   It would have been just as easy to substitute the side dish that comes with the steak for the asparagus.  It came with broccoli.  Is it a secret?  Could you have told me in case I don’t like broccoli?  

Laurie had a Caesar Salad, Lobster Bisque, and Lobster Roll with a side of “Brussel sprouts, bacon and maple butter”.  I hate Brussel sprouts but decided to taste them.  Pretty good.  Maybe I’ll try making them at home. Laurie liked the bisque but found the Lobster roll to have too much dressing. 

Although not part of the deal, I did have dessert.  Due to a very funny anecdote involving Laurie and I, I tend to pass up a crème brulee.   I decided not to this time and was happy that I did. 

Incidentally, there is a restroom located in the adjoining Polo Steakhouse.   I was directed to this one after having lunch and observed some people eating in there.   Seeing that I am using a rollator, we should have been given a seat either in that restaurant or close to the doorway that leads from the lounge to the restaurant.   

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