Monday, July 25, 2016


It was a winning season for the New York Sharks Women’s Professional Football Team as they became the Atlantic Conference Champions heading for the playoffs.  The win would have put them into the IWFL Championship game if not for an “edge of your seat” and overtime coach error 40-34 loss against the Minnesota Vixens, vying for an historic “vengeance” game. 

The last time that these two teams met was back in 1999 when the Vixens were barnstorming in the US to show that women were playing tackle football.  At that time, the Sharks were a well-known flag team on Long Island.   A challenge gave the Sharks two months to prepare, winning the game with a 12-6 score. 

Both teams had an 8-0 season with the Vixens coming in as the Midwest Conference Champions getting the home advantage in the St. Paul area. 

Football fans saw a “tit for tat” game starting with a Sharks kickoff resulting in a touchdown by Vixen Marlissa Brown.   New York was on the scoreboard almost immediately as Quarterback Karen Mulligan tossed the ball to Brilynn Fields for the 18-yd TD.  With the score tied at 6-6, the Vixens made the next TD, followed with another Sharks goal by Erika Cottle.  Brilynn upped the score to 20-13 to go back to another two Vixen touchdowns.  With a score of 27-20, Shannon Morris ran the ball to make it 27-26.  A Vixen touchdown and Brilynn’s third, the score was now tied 34-34 and into the double overtime.  With two yards to go and a few tries left, the Vixens managed to intercept what was a poorly called pass (What was Head Coach Richard Harrigan thinking?) running the entire field for the winning touchdown and putting them into the Championship game where Vixens took a loss of 6-49 against the Utah Falconz.  

The Vixens celebrated and were heard to be muttering how they “crunched” the Sharks during the IWFL games weekend.  Due to regulations, All-Star players from the Minnesota team were given a bye.   Back to the brag.  Say WHAT?  Let’s look at the stats on the Vixens.  During the season, they gave up a total of 15 points.   Giving up 34 points just in the playoff doesn’t say much nor did the wrong call by Harrigan earn them bragging rights, but rather “luck”.  With the 6-49 loss, it gives the Vixens a postseason point give up of a total of 83! Hey Vixens do you still want to brag? 

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