Friday, September 30, 2016


Janine Ramadan

                                              Deveka Leibovitz

Paint Nite Glows in Broad Channel by Merle Exit

There are times when you need to get your creative juices flowing.  Why not take the opportunity to relax and socialize with your friends as well without having to travel much of a distance?   This is one of the reasons that Paint Nite was invented, the opportunity to learn how to paint for the first time or choose a location simply because the previewed paintings is your goal. 

Paint Nite venues are typically located at “bars and grills” rather than being in a studio setting.   One event was secured with the historic Grassy Point Bar and Grill, located at 1802 Cross Bay Blvd in Broad Channel.  Christeen  McCambridge, daughter of owner John McCambridge saw Paint Nite as a chance to gain future customers and business on a day that is considered to be a “slow night”.  

“We are not charged to book the event, although we did have to guarantee about 10 people.   With both Paint Nite having a website and our facebook page, 30 people bought tickets.  My intention is to have this fun evening once a month.  My father will be opening the kitchen on Sundays for some tasty treats.  We also have an in house horseshoe club that meets on Thursday evenings.  They stir up a barbecue and offer hamburgers and hot dogs to our Paint Nite attendees.” 

Janine Ramadan, a Queens high school art teacher, works with #Teamqueens.   Janine had the class take the following oath.   “Creating something doesn’t have to be perfect or pretty.  I promise to relax and have fun, not to throw my art across the room. Not to say, ‘mine sucks’ or ask anyone else to do it for me.  I embrace my artistic side and am proud of what I create.  Cheers!”

Janine brings the advertised painting simply as a goal to work for allowing for your own interpretation.  The paint lessons are taken step by step using the brush strokes to first create the background.   You are given a disposable plate with primary colors of which you blend.   Brown, for instance, uses dark blue, yellow and red.   To make the fall theme easier, Janine provided both red and the secondary color orange.   

One first timer, Deveka Leibovitz, came from Woodhaven.  “I did struggle a bit and Janine was most helpful, “said Deveka.  “I learned that blending colors on the painting is important so that there are no lines going from one color to another such as viewing a sunset over water as the yellow gradually becomes a light orange and the distant blue does not produce an obvious straight line.” 

Most of the attendees were painting for the first time.  “It was a lot of fun”, said Broad Channel resident Joann Bogart who was with her daughter Sarah Defillippo and a few of her local friends.  “At first it was something to do locally.  I enjoy going to Grassy.  This was more like a ‘Girlfriends Night Out’.   I’m no Picasso, but this certainly brought out my creative ability.  We actually chose the painting as the water theme reminded us of Broad Channel without the mountains.”  

A fall foliage painting is planned for October 20 th.  Grassy Point Bar and Grill events are posted on their facebook page. 

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