Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I Cry for Us by Merle Exit

Tears pour down my tired eyes,
As I hear who will reign.
Could not believe the people’s vote,
I ask what’s in their brain.
Build a wall, we’ll make them pay
Deport the folks that’s here.
Will armies be sent door to door
Like Germany’s Mein Heir?
Take away some women’s rights
Forget that they’re our mothers.
Negate the Muslims who served our country,
Make fun of disabled others.
Were we all on marijuana,
Overdosed on prescription drugs?
What makes our country flash guns and knives,
Will we ever offer hugs?
So I cry for “Americakind”,
Hearts run by fear and hate.
You’ve chosen now a falsehood,
Called “Make America Great”.

ODE TO MY NEW PRESIDENT (As written by a young man) by Merle Exit
Growing up in new “Great America”,
Tell me why IRS cares. 
That I’ll stop paying income tax,
Trump hasn’t paid in years.
I intend to be a celebrity,
Might just well practice now.
Perhaps I’ll grab some woman,
Donald and I will take a bow.
And when my wife in pregnancy,
Has to abort in strife,
Abortion will never be the choice,
Rather sacrifice her life.
“Bad Hombre” and homo living down the block,
Illegal’s got my job.
I’m glad he loves amendment two,
No wall, just gun down that slob.
After all it was the bullying
That got him where he’s at,
Don’t ever have to put my “man pants” on
Since I’ve permission to stay a “brat”.


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