Thursday, February 9, 2017


There have been many attempts to come up with the perfect soymilk maker and it looks like a company called Sanlinx perfected so much that you can make fresh soymilk in 20 minutes and a quicker clean up.  Soyajoy G4 is the product. 

Previously Soyajoy G3 was great.  However, this one has a larger capacity (to make 7 cups), an all stainless steel cooking and grinding chamber and filter-less bottom heating.  As the website says, “Each has a microprocessor, temperature sensor, water level sensor, boil-over sensor and advanced solid-state control technology to continuously monitor control heating power and blending sequence for maximum heating without burning the milk at bottom. The G4's Perfect Grind technology combines the blade design and grinding chamber geometry to constantly stir up and draw the largest pieces to the blades for better grinding, overcoming the weakness of most other filter-less makers.” In other words, a one-piece construction with the blade attached.

Although the machine has the capacity to grind beans that are not soaked, soaking provides you with less time to process.  There are five pre-programed buttons (soaked beans, dry beans, raw juice, grains, porridge ) on top as the Soyajoy can also be used to make milk from other grains and seeds as well as porridge.  Perhaps you love the taste of almond milk or up for making a delicious pea soup.  A sixth button is a “keep warm”.   

How to you make the soy milk? You will find two packages of what are called Laura beans, a soy bean product that they say are the best for both taste and “whiteness” of the milk.  A video on their website shows someone using one and half cups (plastic cup provided) of which is first washes and soaked for “6 to 16 hours” or “overnight”.  Fill the chamber of the Soyajoy with water to lines that show min./max and then add the soaked beans.  Add beans into chamber and place the head atop.  Plug in the machine and press the button for “soaked beans”.  You will hear a “beep” and 20 minutes later hear another signally its completion.  Remove the head and rinse it off immediately to make it easier to clean.  You don’t necessarily have to watch a video as instructions are provided.
There is a pitcher and wire mesh calendar provided with the kit.  This way you can strain the milk using a spatula to press down and catching what is called “okara” or pulp.  3/4 of a tps of sea salt and about 4 tablespoons of sugar are added and stirred.  That’s it.  Place in a container…preferably one made of glass and let it cool before refrigerating.  Check out recipes to see how to flavor the milk in case you want chocolate or vanilla.

Soyajoy’s website allows you to purchase products needed to make tofu.  Nigari, for instance, is a coagulator that breaks the soymilk into curds and whey as the curds, after being pressed, turn into a cake of tofu. 

Cost wise?  Probably cheaper than what you might think and a lot less than the price of buying store bought soymilk or other non-dairy milk products.  As a dairy milk person, for me there is no substitute.  However, my palate was quite satisfied and did not seem as “watery” as some store bought that I have tasted.  I was, as they said, quite easy to make.  I will be experimenting for tofu and the attempt to make bean curd skin.  Check it out on 

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