Saturday, February 11, 2012


At Fairway Market in Douglaston again. Decided to check out their cafe. People who are just shopping at the Douglaston Plaza or taken in a movie there, can just pop in to the market for a meal. If you are shopping you can place your shopping cart just outside of it where it will be watched. Not that I expect someone will walk by, look in someone's cart and think, "Hey, I want one of those. I'll just take it, put it my cart and let them hunt down another one."

There are two lines of food. One is basically set up where you buy by the pound...salad bar with hot food, cold food...

The other starts with a Smoothy set up. Choose fruits and either milk or yogurt. I had one with raspberries, kiwis, and blueberries. Tasted great but got brain freeze.

This is follow by a Chopped Salad set up. Choose your greens...mesclun, spinach, or lettuce. Add 7 items. Lots to choose from including an array of cheeses (even goat cheeses), protein such as shrimp and chicken, and, of course vegetables. It all goes into a bowl and then they chop it up. The advantage of having a chopped salad is that you can get morsels off most in one bite.

Next area is the hot foods which includes some vegetables dishes and starch. You can opt for a sandwich...paninis...wraps...of which the bread is made by Fairway.

Lobster roll is available as well as having a bagel and lox sandwich. The lox is Fairway's own and made on the premises...come to think of it, the bagels are made there, too. Tomatoes and onions from their produce. No, they don't make there own cream cheese.

I met Justin Jacobson, who runs the cafe. Got some interviews.

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