Saturday, August 18, 2012


Bring It On, the Musical has been transported from screen to Broadway and is certainly something to cheer about.  Think of it as Glee with cheerleading as the main subject. In fact, not only are most of the cast debuting on stage but the main cheerleaders were actually sought all over for their cheerleading ability. So, expect some high flying and professional stunts.

The story begins at the last day of the school year at Truman High School with Cambell (Taylor Loudermann) asking the higher power to assist in becoming the Captain of the cheerleading squad as she becomes a senior.  Lunchtime that day will determine the outcome. Taylor believes that she can lead Truman High to the Nationals.

Before I continue, here are the basic characters.  At Truman we have:  Campbell, our heroine; Skylar (Kate Rockwell), her outspoken best friend; Kylar (Janet Krupin), Skylar’s protégée;  Bridget (Ryann Redmond), chubby and portraying the school master;  Steven (Neil Haskell), Campbell’s boyfriend; Eva (Elle McLemore), a sweet and innocent freshman.

At Jackson High: Danielle (Adrienne Warren), head of a fierce dance crew; La Cienega (Gergory Haney), her transgender female friend on the crew; Nautica (Ariana DeBose), buddy to both and also on the crew; Randall (Jason Gotay), an aspiring dj; Cameron (Dominique Johnson), Danielle’s boyfriend; and Twig (Nicolas Womack), Cameron’s buddy. 

Back to the script.  Skylar is vying for the Captain position as well.  Taylor gets the position but loses it as she is being transferred to Jackson High due to her residence suddenly being in another district.  That may be due to the succession of Captains – Cambell, Skylar, Kylar, Eva.

Jackson does not have a cheerleading squad, rather, a “hip hop crew”.  There’s no point in saying that there will be a vying to include both Jackson and Truman. Oh, the only other person transferred is Bridget.

Bring It On, the Musical, just by the title, tells you that there will be singing and choreography.  Here is where we get to acknowledge the behind the scenes crew, too many to mention. Let’s just thank them all for giving us such a play that provides great music, a good story and thrills in both the dancing and cheerleading.

I loved the entire show and all of its talented cast…a true piece of entertaining theatre.  As Bridget says, “Shut the front door and slap my ass with the screen”. 

Bring It On, the Musical is being performed at the St. James Theatre at 246 W. 44 St.

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