Thursday, September 26, 2013


I love when I find either new products that are on the market or new products that I just haven't been introduced to.  I attended a food show that was showcasing mostly restaurants located in Queens County.  Fairway Market has 12 stores in the tri-state area, one of which is located in Douglaston (an area in Queens).  There were various opportunities to quench your thirst here.  I encountered a table that was pushing milk products.

The company is called Five Acre Farms and sells their products under the name of "Local" due to the farmers being less than a particular distance away.  Milk happens to be my favorite beverage.  I was willing to have a "reduced fat" and "whole milk" but certainly not the "fat free".  I absolutely detest the taste of skim milk.  It's like drinking a milk flavored water.

I mention Fairway Market because their table was just a few feet away and as it turned out, the Five Acre Farm products are being sold at Fairway.  I recently decided to try the fat free. OMG! If I didn't read the label I would have thought that it was "reduced".   I can actually drink a glass and will try using it in coffee.

I'm also checking out their whole milk, half and half, cream and apple cider.  In the meantime, I just received my stash of Fairytale Brownies...what better to have milk with!   I'm not going to put some of the peanut butter from Peanut Principle in between a chocolate chip brownie and wash it down with the non fat.  The peanut butter that I'm using has no sugar and organic.  So, the only "bad" food is that brownie....but I'll make the sacrifice!!!! 

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