Monday, February 24, 2014


Went off to Fairway on Sunday morning as a needed a few things....milk, eggs (had a rain check to use), cat litter, batteries, lox.

Forgot that tastings are a happening there.  Tasting station are set up.   First one was in the deli dept. but I wasn't up for pepperoni...I think that's what is was.  Stopped to get lox pieces then to the cheeses.  Fresh mozzarella was being made.  They added some more items to this particular area.  Tasting of two cheese spreads.  It said, "cheddar cheese and mozzarella".  Didn't read the "hot" part.  I then asked for a taste of the mozzarella that he was making to calm the "hot".  Mmmm...nothing like fresh mozzarella.

Decided to see if there were sample at the bakery counter since I had to pass there anyway.  Not sure what I had but it certainly was delicious!

Sushi counter was on the way to where I needed to go.  Tasting there, one across the way.

That woman in the blue?  That's their "greeter" Annie.  Seek her out if you need assistance anywhere in the Douglaston store.  As it turns out, she is responsible for setting up all of these tasting stands. What a smart idea!

Next was some Fairway pasta.

One place that you can always taste is where they make the popcorn snacks.

Had to get ice cream...Three Twins.  Didn't know what flavors to get to I bought 4...Mint Confetti, Chocolate Orange Confetti, Cookies and Cream, and Chocolate Malt.

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