Sunday, February 16, 2014


My Bedol Water Clock here tells me that it's 2:12.  I still don't understand how this clock works just on tap water. I will interview Mark Bedol this week.

I want to follow up on what I'm eating after shopping at Fairway Market here in Douglaston and using some new products, especially this herb and spice chopper, the Wet and Dry Grinder from ChefPro.  I have been randomly throwing in all kinds of herbs and spices for whatever proteins that I'm cooking.

Re the fresh herbs...I wanted to see if I could make a broth using the stems.  I used some chicken broth, added water, stems and a piece of fresh ginger that didn't look like it would do well in cooking anyway.  OMG.  I would have added some of the kale powder if it weren't that I had a glass of the green powdered drink that morning. 

I am so hooked on the chopper.  I did make some guacamole...chopped a bit of onions, cilantro and fresh tomatoes first.  Mashed up a fresh ripe avocado.  Mixed and added some fresh lime juice.   Keeping lime for zest to use in other dishes.  In fact, I'll be making a salad and concocting my own salad dressing grinding up some of the zest.

Dinner will be pork chops with apples.  My thoughts are chopping some fresh ginger, a small piece of cinnamon stick and heavens knows what else.  Add some canned crushed tomatoes.  I don't bother with a starch to lap up the sauce.  I simply use a spoon.

Cooking is quite easy using my NuWave PIC and this great fry pan that I got from Bialetta Aeternum. It's a ceramic and nonstick.  Induction base, aluminum, ceramic. Signature series from Chef Fabio Viviani. I'm being very careful with this pan using only tools that won't hurt the surface.  It makes it so easy to clean afterward...but must use liquid detergent or the smells from what I'm cooking linger to the next cooking. They are all like that.  Just need to remember that everything cooks really quick using the PIC. 

I'm having a late dinner while I watch another episode of Downton Abbey. 

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