Friday, July 4, 2014


What a great way to advertise your store than posting it on a billboard.  A bit costly, though.   Why not buy a tall brick building alongside a much used overpass that tends to get backed up.  That is what Peter Katz did when he moved from a spot on Cooper Avenue owned by ATCO properties, the former owners of Atlas Park.

Peter purchased the property at 75-16 Woodhaven Blvd. in Glendale where he had a warehouse built for his company K-9 Caterers.   Don’t let the name fool you as this pet supply store is not all about dog food.   This business has been in the family since 1969 and having a newly nearby large chained pet store is not going to deter his customers.   In fact, he has not only gained space but a much larger parking lot.

“Family owned operations have to exist, " said Peter. "Otherwise our kids won’t have jobs.  As for competitive pricing, someone is going to set the bar and someone is going to go lower.  Our customers are going to look forward into shopping at a comfortable and clean environment with bathrooms and a staff who know about the products." 

Although you can tote your pet to the store, K-9 does not sell pets of any kind, which I found to be great on the nose!   A “pet supply” establishment is different from a “pet store”.    As far as food, don’t expect to purchase mealy worms for you chameleon or food for your aquatic friends.

I had tended to go to Stop and Shop when they had a sale on Friskies canned food…for my two cats.   Not much of a variety if you don’t want Friskies.   You get what you pay for as there have been a number of cat food companies with a much healthier alternative and the “owners of my house and all that is in it” are aging. 

Having gone to Peter’s former location, I found the layout of this new store much easier to shop.  All of the aisles that have food are laid out in parallel form with supplies along the walls.  My experience of  the former layout was a bit confusing and don’t remember if they had the “refrigerated pet food”….which seemed mostly for dogs.  They do have it here. 

I have recently introduced my “landlords” to Wellness and Halo.   They obviously love both.   One of my cats tended to not do the chewing process of dry food as I noticed when cleaning up after him…you can always hear that hacking sound from any place in your home.   He chews Halo…as well as choosing.   Peter tells me that they are the largest distributor of Halo.   Ellen DeGeneres should be pleased.   Going to the Halo website and checking on store locators, the heading says, “Because Halo sells out quickly, please call ahead to check availability.”   Me thinks it won’t be a problem here at K-9. 

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