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We crave a good burger, especially ones made with beef.   Sure you can get a “fast-food” burger on the “sort of cheap” if you don’t care what’s in it or whether it comes from a frozen patty.   100% beef can use any part of the animal.   That “juiciness” would most certainly relate to the amount of fat content and although the craving is about the meat and grease, it certainly isn’t the healthiest way to eat.

If you crave ice cream you will most likely not go to a restaurant but a place that simply sells ice cream. No soup. No salads. No entrees.   It’s only logical to get your burgers at an eatery such as F. Ottomanelli Burgers and Belgian Fries.  

Are they the best burgers in Queens?   Let’s look at the facts.   This burger joint, located at 60-15 Woodside Avenue is located less than a block away from S. Ottomanelli’s butcher shop.   Where do you think the fresh patties are made?  You got it.  Three separate cuts of their quality beef go into these gems to compose that perfect savory hamburger.  

Much of the crave centers on your taste buds and what you put in or on the burger.   We no longer want a simple burger with ketchup.   Owner Frank Ottomanelli creates some special burgers with the seasoning already mixed in.   If it’s “spicy” you crave, there is the Chipotle Burger and the Jalapeno Cheddar Burger.   Some people love carmelized onions on the top and some want them cooked into the burger.  Then there is the Bacon Cheddar Burger and Roast Garlic Burger.  

Have it your “crave” by building you own starting with either an un-seasoned (no salt or pepper) 4 ounce single or 8 ounce double or options of a cheeseburger, bacon burger, bacon cheeseburger, or chili burger.   It’s a lot less expense to get a double than two singles unless you’re intent on the amount of free toppings.   Here is the list: ketchup, mustard, mayo, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, raw onions (of the purple ilk), pickles, relish, sautéed mushrooms.  
My suggestion for those who love a spicy experience is to get the Chili Burger with hot sauce.  Yes, it’s homemade chili with beef, beans, and veggies.   The chili isn’t chilly but not very hot, either.   OMG on the chili?  You can get a cup of it for $2.  

I don’t know about you but I’m drooling on my computer.  Excuse me, while I get a few napkins before I continue with this. 

“Want fried with that?”  Do not expect a bunch of thin pre-frozen fries here.  I have a potato test.  Can I eat it without anything on it, including salt?   Notice the name of the restaurant?   Belgian fries.   They are fresh cut, thick, and served in a cone- shaped basket.   Regular size will cost you $2.99 and large, $3.99.  You can have ketchup, mustard and malt vinegar as a freebie.   Add $.79 for cheese, a homemade sauce (bacon ranch, chipotle, rosemary parmesan, honey mustard, spicy BBQ) for $.59 or go gourmet with the white truffle sauce for an extra $.99. 
A plain single 4 ounce burger goes for $4.79, a double for $6.39.  Most expensive is a double chili burger at $7.89.   

I don’t know about you but I tend to crave a good thick chocolate milk shake with that.   They are certainly not small and made with ice cream. Yes, you can get vanilla or a “black and white”.  They don’t sell desserts, so this would be the best substitute. 
Did I tell you that you can buy these freshly made patties and cook them at home?   They are $3 each. 

Just in case you have never been there…it’s Restaurant Week in Queens and they are participating.  Same price for lunch or dinner for two.   Two Regular burgers, two small Belgian fries and two fountain sodas for $14. Restaurant week goes until October 30th.   There are tables and chairs for you dining in pleasure.  Sorry, you have to dine in for this.  

Suggestion:  call ahead if you are going late at night.  When they run out of burgers, they begin cleaning up.  I am also told that since the chili is a biggy you should call ahead to make sure there is any left.  This place is REALLY popular for a mouth-watering reason!!  718-446-7489.  

Incidentally, they are listed on the Food Network’s website.  “On The Road”?  Perhaps it's their new show called Hungry Games.  Tune in on Monday, October 27th at 8 p.m. to see.  

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