Saturday, April 25, 2015


When you check into a health care facility, they ask if you have any allergies.  Why would I think to have to tell then that I am allergic to fresh cheap paint?  Here at this nursing and rehab center, they didn't bother to ask anyone.  There are many elderly people here....who also have oxygen being pumped in their nasal cavities.  I have an allergy and am now sick.  Sore throat led to congestion. Many of the days it was too cold to open the windows.  Why couldn't they simply wait for better weather or splurge on paint that did not have those smelly chemicals?

I had one guy painting outside my room while the door was open.  Lots of painting being done near the area where the therapy is being conducted.  Staff having issues as well but I guess the administration simply does not care. More important is for it to "look good" for future residents as the family tours the facility.

It appears that much of the nursing and therapy staff are from the Philippines. I crave Arroz Caldo...a chicken soup that contains slices of fresh ginger root.  One person did bring me a honey ginger tea and despite bringing fresh ginger to the chef, I was never able to get it in my food or soup.  Do they no want me to get well?  One woman some doors down from me "passed" as the saying goes.

It is around 6 a.m. Saturday morning when I push the call button for an aide...bed pan.  Someone comes around each evening to bring a cup of apple juice and a few cookies.  The apple juice is sitting on my moveable desk.  She knocks it over.  I see her doing something and ask.  She responds by saying, “Why do you have apple juice here?”  She removes the papers that got wet, dabs a bit and doesn’t even apologize.  It’s not as if the bed pan task is done in the dark.  I later find the entire desk to be sticky and apple juice still on the floor.  I called downstairs to file a complaint.  No one came up.  Weekend thing. 

I had a long conversation with what I got is the assistant director of this part of the facility.  She said that I should file complaints as they happen. I guess that means as long as it’s not on a weekend. 

More than a week ago my toe was injured during therapy.  I notified a nurse.  I was told that they would make an appointment to a have an orthopedist see me.  Hasn’t happened.  A psychologist came to see me. She asked if I was sleeping well.  Anything she asked should have gotten a sarcastic response. They tend to patronize me.

So how was the weekend regarding food?  Although the menu was to be completed by Friday for the following week (which is supposed to include Sunday),  I did not received it until…which again says, “You’ll eat what we give you on Sunday”.  Saturday afternoon was “Roast beef with roasted potatoes”.  The roast beef was clearly from a deli roast and put in the microwave.  You can’t disguise it with gravy.  The potatoes were out of a can.  I opted for the baked chicken which must have been cooked the day before and put in the microwave.  Dinner was supposed to be a squash soup but was an onion soup.  It came with a mac and cheese (food). 

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