Monday, May 4, 2015


My view of this fair nursing home and rehab center in Forest Hills gets dimmer by the day.  It is last Wednesday when I again ask when they intend to release me.  Aside from the problems with the food, lack communication and keeping agreements, I need to know how to prepare my home in regards to any needed medical equipment including a stair lift.  I am told that they will be meeting the next day with different staff members. 

Thursday passes and I call the Patient Advocate.  I am not clear who exactly makes the decision but much is based on the findings in physical and occupations therapy.

Friday morning my favorite aide Cena tells me that I have to be out of the room by 9am as electricians will be doing work in the rooms.  Quick breakfast, wash up, dress and time for therapy.  I am told that I will be going straight to the main dining room for lunch.   Back up to my room and find a dirty paper plate in my garbage.  An electrician must have eaten in my room.  Did he sit on my bed, my chair? Why was he even eating while on the job?

I call down to talk with staff.  A few minutes later there is a man standing in the entrance to my room.  He does not knock as instructed.   He is carrying a full plate of food.  I comment about someone eating in my room.  He apologizes and says that he stopped by to see if he left anything in the room.  Really? How was he going to be looking with his hands full?  It is a corner room way down the hall and perfect to slip into and chomp down one’s food.   I decide to wheel myself out and look for him to confront.   They all took a lunch break, I’m told.  Free lunch obtained from the kitchen and use the time for other than lunch.

I spoke with everyone I could as it occurred to me that if they saw no harm in eating in the patient’s room, what else would they think of getting away with?  I pressed the issue until the person that hired the company called their boss. 

Now the Patient Advocate and her assistant show up in my room.  We talk about what occurred and the PA says to me. “By the way, I have good news and bad news, but I’ll come back later to talk with you about it.”  She never returns and now it is the weekend and the administrative staff are off.  OMG. She is leaving me with these thoughts.   Why would she be taking this position and do this?   I am feeling hopelessness, filled with lies and weekend of crummy food. She calls in sick on Monday.

I am clear that the weekend kitchen staff wants to do as little work as possible for their money.  I must commend the nursing staff, therapists and many of the aides that do take pride in their jobs.   Without the excellent therapy staff, I wouldn’t be able to walk and go home in less than two weeks as I finally find out.  So they say.

Incidentally, some wonderful staff member brought me some Arroz Caldo for breakfast.  I must now seek out a Filipino restaurant to write about. 

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