Monday, May 25, 2015


Ed is the Account Executive for a company known as in2mobility LLC, located at 1360 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.  Mr. Daniel Lamar is the CEO of the corporation.  According to the Better Business Bureau of New York City, they are not listed. Their philosophy as stated on their website is “providing the best quality and customer care service!”

Fairview Nursing Care Center, located at 69-70 has been using Ed's services to purchase or assist in purchasing Home Health Care Products.  Having used the facilities of the center, the social worker services along with the rehab facility decide and/or recommend products needed for the home so that the patient can return and make the home safe.   Products include:  3-in-one portable toilet, rollaider, walker, and shower chairs. 

Having been admitted for issues regarding my knee, I was in need of a chairlift in order to enter and exit my basement stairs, which leads to the bathroom and bedroom.  My leaving Fairview was contingent on my being able to purchase a stairlift. Ed was aware of this as well as viewing my situation having visited my room and rehab area.   When it was clear that I would be returning home, with a date of a little over two weeks, I requested information and costs from Ed.  Having given the date of May 15th, 2015 being my release, I chose in2mobility. 

Ed did go to my home to take measurements, at which time,  Juan , a neighbor, was present to let him in. Juan was a bit concerned about the stairlift’s fit.  When speaking with Ed about this he told me that he would take care of all costs to include the installation, use of electrical outlet and if anything had to be “cut”.  

In order to have the chairlift installed, it was necessary to have someone present.  There was much procrastination on Ed's part.  A week prior, he then told me that I would have to put a 50% down payment of $1325 and did so.  I had to request an invoice showing the payment.  Ed was not able to furnish me with a hard copy invoice but did send it via my email.  The invoice does not reflect the address of the company other than “Brooklyn, NY”.  To contact the company one must either use their contact form on their website or call a phone number that seems to only allow one to leave a message.  Ed gave me an address of 1415 Avenue R, saying that that was where the accountant is located. 

Although he had first told me that they could install the stairlift on Monday, the 11th, he kept putting it off until Thursday, the 14th. 

Jo, the co-owner of my home  was present, along with the installer.  I had asked Ed to be there when the installer arrived and/or before he left.  He first agreed, but did not make an attempt to go there, saying that he had other things that he had to do.  The issue involved a part of a door frame that may have had to be removed in order for my legs to fit going in from the top and exiting from the top.  The installer convinced Jo that it was not necessary. 

I returned home on the 15th and Ed soon showed up to check on the stairlift as well as all the devices being used.  I was unable to use the stairlift, first without removing the bannister located on the opposite side of the chair.  I had to have two people remove it.  I could not swivel on the chair as my knees did not fit past the door frame on the side of the bannister.  In order for me to use the chairlift, I have to place it in the position facing the “bannister” and step onto the foot rest, hang onto the wall and make my way onto the chair.  The opposite was true for when I came up the stairs. 

It was Ed  who instructed me to use the foot rest as a step.  However, it came clear days later that the foot rest is not to be stood on as the weight could break it.  At one point, a friend pointed out that the foot rest was beginning to give way. 

Mr. Lee Michaels, the name of which he gave me, and the customer service person from in2mobility, called me on Monday, May 18th asking about the chairlift.  I told him what occurred and his only concern was about how he was not making money on the cost, due to other issues involving the installation.  I told him that I would stop the check.  He said, “Don’t do that. I want to make you happy and take care of what we need to do”.  He again made it a point to talk about his not making a profit.  He then told me that he would call me the next day, Tuesday, May 19.  This did not happen.  I emailed Ed on Wednesday and he said that Mr. Michaels would be calling my today. This did not happen.

Mr. Michaels did finally call saying that he was unable to assist as his wife was having emergency surgery. Mr. Michaels tells me that nothing can be done until Tuesday, May 26th, more than a week after the installation.  He keeps saying that he wants to “make me happy”.  

Mr. Michaels, who appears to have another last name when calling his phone number first said that he would call an installer today, Thursday, May 21 and get back with me.  I waited for his phone call and then called him.  He simply said that he would take care of it Tuesday, and did not acknowledge his agreement to call me today. When I commented that I would be seeking a law suit, he said, “Enjoy”.  

Mr. Michaels called me on Friday saying that he would send someone over to work on the frame piece for the price of $300.  I turned it down and told him that the check had been stopped.  I also told him that initially, Ed had said that he would take care of this matter during the sales agreement. 

There is only one bathroom in the apartment and it is located in the basement, along with my bedroom and clothing.  

Owner of the company calls me on Wednesday, May 27th.  He says that I asked to speak with him.  He mentions this twice in the conversation.  I never asked to speak with him.   I relate story.  He says that he has to retrain customer service.  Tries to get my trust by giving me his cell phone number saying that he doesn't give it out to everyone.  He thinks he is doing a "make her feel special" line.  Sets it up to come to my home next Wednesday with an installer.   Has every intention of charging me for any construction work.  Then he hears how much I was paying and does this big surprise of no one gets that stairlift for that price.  

I am having so much difficulty with it.  My knee is beginning to hurt again and putting weight on that ankle is doing a number.   It is quite difficult to get off the stairlift when returning upstairs.  Here is how I see it.  Ed gave me an oral contract of what would be included.  Otherwise there is no written contract.  I paid half the price and have no intention on paying the other half.  Stairlift is no totally functional for me.  I'm going to hire someone to do a bit of construction and allow them to take me to small claims court if they so choose.  

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