Monday, April 18, 2016


Eric Ulrich is my councilman.  He talks a good talk and like most politicians do what makes them look good out there.  Nothing that I have ever requested comes back in any satisfaction or just doesn’t come back.   Ignore me and I’ll go away?   I am a “Senior Citizen” as well as being somewhat disabled.   For whatever reason the Board of Elections moved my polling place to where it is not walkable for me.   If I were to take public transportation, I would still have a bit of a walk.   Taking Access-A-Ride costs me the price as if I did take round trip transportation.

I called on my Councilman for a ride, hearing that one can do this.  Two elections ago, I reached out to Erich Ulrich’s office and even spent time speaking with him personally.   His cohort took down my information although it was not close to the date.  I did expect a phone call, etc.  Nothing.  Was unable to vote.  I was told that it was my fault and that I should have called the day before. 
Next time I did call days before and talked about what happened the last time.  Everything seemed fine and I waited for a phone call.  Again nothing and was told that I should have called them.  Why are they taking down my information if they don’t have plans to keep the agreement?   This time I spoke with Eric about it.  He apologized profusely and said, “Next time I’ll make sure that you go even if I have to drive you there myself.”

Again, I called a few week back with what Eric said and told that it was too early to call.  I called AGAIN this past Thursday with what Eric said.   Some guy took my information saying that they were coordinating the rides.   I told him that I wanted Eric to take me as agreed.  He said that he would make sure that I got a ride.  I said, “Don’t wait until Tuesday to call me”.  He said, “Of course not”. 

It is past 10pm on Monday and there was no phone call.   Luckily I booked Access-A-Ride as I do not want to miss this.  Yes, they know that I work for local newspapers but somehow it doesn’t matter.  It will.  My plan is to call Eric’s office on Wednesday and keep calling until I speak directly with him.  I will ask him for a statement to be published.  Apology not accepted!  He comes up for reelection next year.  I bet he’ll go out of his way to make sure I get to the polls!

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