Thursday, April 21, 2016


I was tuning into a show called Full Frontal and glimpsed what I thought was an exaggeration like SNL until I “googled” the subject of John Kasich going to a Matzah Bakery in Brooklyn meeting up with a group of Hasidic Jews and having no clue about who they are.

Cameras were rolling as he first says “It’s a wonderful, wonderful holiday for our friends in the Jewish community – the Passover”.  “The great link between the blood that was put upon the lamppost” and then saying that it was the blood of Jesus Christ.  How many years was it between Moses yelling, “Let my people go” and the birth of JC?  As he is talking, he is shaking the box of matzahs that he just received. 

You have to see the arrogant expression on his face and they now bring him to a bookstore as he lectures Yeshiva students about Joseph.  “You know who I like?” Kasich said.  “Joseph. You guys like Joseph? You study Joseph? What do you think about Joseph? Did you hear the most important thing Joseph said to his brothers?” He continues saying “Joseph was sold into slavery and that is how the Jews got to Egypt” and asks, “Did you know this.”  They are all being nice and with a totally dumbfounded look as Kasich thinks he knows more than a Hasidic about the Jews.

Talking with the Yeshiva scholars he says, “What do you guys do?” “Study”, they say.  “What are you studying?”  “The Talmud”, they reply. “Ok, but what are you learning right now?”  There is this long pause due to probably wanting to say, “That you are much too ignorant to run a country.  G-d forbid you have to visit Israel”.  However, the Governor, then asks what the lesson is. “Hilchos Shabbos, the laws of the Sabbath”.   Kasich doesn’t know how to reply to this most likely expecting to hear a parable.

He insists that God made a covenant with Abraham and not Moses.  Forget about reading the Old Testament.  Is he living under a rock and not seen the movie, The Ten Commandments? 
“Joshua was another great leader”, says Kasich. “Do you know about Joshua?”  He actually said about one of the men, “I’m going to have to teach him”. 

I am watching these clips online and FOFLOL.   Just when I thought that Kasich completed his idiocy, I watch the group walking him to his car.  He turns to the crowd and says, “Pray for me. Would you? You all pray?”  I’ve been up nights with this last thing going through my mind and wanting to yell out. “They are Hasidic Jews, you schmuck.  They pray at least 8 hours a day!!!!

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