Monday, June 20, 2016


Dee Dee has had quite a few visitors over the past few days now that school is out. She is doing really well getting socialized with people. She loves to come up and check them out and occasionally she allows them to love on her. She will get much better as we continue to socialize her. We are going to be attending the Rockwood Ice Cream Festival this weekend and we will be taking a few alpacas along with us. We will likely take Dee Dee with us on one of the days just to reinforce her training. She is always a hit since she is so adorable. I'll try to get a few shots of her at the festival and send to you. 

Here's how Dee Dee spent the afternoon on the first day of summer!

Hi Merle,

We took Dee Dee to the Rockwood Ice Cream Festival in Wilmington DE this past Saturday. It was beautiful weather and Dee Dee was definitely the star!

Here is Dee Dee welcoming Ashley McBrien to our farm. Ashley and Dee Dee hit it off and are now good buddies!


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