Saturday, June 11, 2016


I'm back at the Green Market in Forest Hills.  I want to make an iced box cake using those chocolate wafers and whipped cream.  It's tough getting the chocolate wafers these days.  Ronnybrook farms can provide me with the heavy cream.  I decide to get the creme fraiche as well.  The season is in for fruit such as strawberries. 

I was finally able to make my absolute favorite Ice Box Cake. Ronnybrook has heavy cream. I found the Nabisco chocolate wafers at Shop Rite. Didn't have powdered sugar so I put sugar into my spice grinder.  Whipped up cream until it thickened somewhat and then added sugar and just a touch of vanilla extract (Next time I'm thinking use instant coffee instead).  Continued whipping up. Layered cookies and cream on a plate and through it in the freezer. OMG!!! 

Green Market with Grow NYC, that promotes local food growers and farms.  The prices may be a bit higher than your supermarket, but you can't get it fresher than when it is trucked in from the source.

Terhune Orchards in Duchess County brought in a assortment of apples.  I decided to buy one of each to test out on a taste of each and combining a group to make apples juice....which will really be apple cider as it won't be strained.  I am particularly fond of fuji and gala apples as they are both crunchy and sweet.  

I couldn't pass up the apple cider and a small apple muffin cake.  You have to get to the markets early as in this case, there were very little strawberries left.  Oh, yeah....they have strawberries.

I was pretty good at picking out the fuji and gala when I got home. I could usually pick out a delicious apple as well.  I randomly chose three apples (one was a delicious) to make an apple sauce. Peeled the apples and sliced away the core. Put apples in a chopper then transferred into a pot adding some water and a bit of sugar (I like a sweet apple sauce)and cooked the heck out of it. Cooked up a pork chop to make the Brady Bunch joke of pork chops and apple sauce. Great. Still had a lot of apple sauce left. Great to nosh on. Good breakfast idea is to have the apples sauce with bacon adding just a touch of cinnamon. 

I then went over to Goodale Farms for some veggies.  Kale, a huge head of lettuce, tomatoes, green and yellow squash and garlic scapes.  They are stalks that grow from the bulb.  

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