Saturday, July 7, 2012


How could I turn down going to Fairway Market with a sale on lobster at $6.99 per lb!  We're not talking ones that are a "pound and a quarter".  Two pounders...three.   The thing is, Fairway doesn't change the price with size.  You know what I'm talking about.   I got one female that was about two pounds and a male that was over 3 and half.

I had them take the life out of the female for me as I wanted to broil that one and I'm not really sure what I need to cut into.   There was lots of roe.  After broiling in my NuWave oven, I ate the tail and cracked the  claws.  I saved the knuckles, roe and claw meat for a near future lobster bisque or stew.  As for the body, I tore it apart and got every bit of meat.

The best way that I found to cook up a live one is to steam it in beer.   Maybe it gets drunk along the way....who knows.  All I know is that it gives a slightly sweeter flavor and a little less fishy....I do this for shrimp as well.  Being that it was a rather large size, cracking the claws involved my using a hammer!!  I would not recommend that large of a lobster if you are on the weak size.  Needless to say, the tail was huge!

Ate the body and the claws...after all the work!...I froze the lobster tail in its shell along with the knuckles for a future meal.  The advantage of having such a large lobster, not only is the size of the tail but the amount of meat that you can get from the body.   A smoked lobster corn chowder is planned.

I then explored the produce section where Fairway is buying local goods...local meaning the tri-state area.   Pickup up a Boston lettuce and red leaf lettuce.  Bargain was the watermelon at 29 cents a sweet and refreshing, especially with this awful heat.

It was lobster and a salad for dinner.  I'm working on a dessert using chocolate pudding...still too hot to potchka.  I will not prepare instant pudding!  I usually make it from scratch using cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract, milk and corn starch to thicken.   I bought My-T-Fine pudding that you cook!   That's what I grew up on.  Will let you know how it turns out.

I had a blueberry pie, instead.   Well, not exactly a blueberry pie.   It was Graeter's "Elena's Blueberry Pie".
I'm not a blueberry pie person.  This was awesome.  No blueberry bits...the real thing.   It both had the consistency and taste of eating a small amount of blueberry pie and a large scoop of vanilla ice cream!

I had also commented on Graeter's  sorbets being a bit too sweet for me.  Found a fabulous use other than making a smoothie.  A placed a scoop of sorbet in a small plastic bottle with water, shook and put it in the frig.  Like having lemon, strawberry or raspberry "ade".  Quite refreshing and keeps me hydrated.

Oh yeah....I bought loose rooibos tea at Fairway.  Combine the tea (which is really fine on its own and without sugar) with a small scoop of sorbet for extra flavor and sweetness.  Makes for a most delicious iced tea.

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