Monday, July 30, 2012


Pea Pod is a delivery service company connected with the grocery chain known as Stop & Shop.  When there is a load of food to buy it might be easier to get it delivered as they will even come into your home and place the bags on your kitchen floor.  The service is just a bit higher than if I took public transportation but lower than a one way trip by car service.  You have to depend on receiving what you don't see, other than what is online.  There is, however, a guarantee and if you are not happy with the product they will deduct the amount from your bill.

Stop & Shop has a double your money back guarantee and you pretty much do get to see what you buy.  Produce can be a bit of a problem in both cases as there is no opportunity to taste the product as there may be if you went to Fairway Markets.  Tasting produce also poses a situation of that it is not washed.

I placed an order with Pea Pod and was not satisfied with some products and also found that not all products sold at Stop & Shop are available on Pea Pod.  I called customer service and got someone who thinks he knows it all but doesn't, if you know what I mean.

Cherries.  At this time of year, I expect them to be sweet.  They tasted tart.  He first argues with me that the ad does not specify that they are sweet or may not be fully ripe.  Give me a break!!!  They did not look as if they needed to ripen and why send them to me if they weren't!!!

Next was a head of romaine lettuce which was obvious that no leaves were removed.  You know what I mean by that.  I'm pulling off a bunch of leaves and there is brown ruined whatever near the stem.  Add to this that it is bitter!!!  If I wanted bitter I'd buy escarole!

I bought two packages of Center cut loin pork chops bone-in.   One package is perfect.  The other has chops with lots of fat and looks more like "seconds".  Give me what I order and don't try to slip something in that is not as good!

The last one took over 10 minutes of arguing.   I wanted Ice Cream.  I looked at all of the brands offered and just about all of them were listed....except...GRAETER'S!!!!!   I thought I'd try a different brand than my usual and decided on Breyers Ice Cream and chose a plain chocolate which appeared to have sugar and not corn syrup.  Oh yeah...did I tell you that they are allowed to substitute?

Here was this 1.5 quart which read Frozen Dairy Dessert.  What the hell does that mean?   I called Graeter's to speak with Bob Greater.  He informed me that in order for a product to be labeled as "ice cream" it had to meet the minimum standards of having at least 18% butterfat.  Not only is this product lacking in mouth consistency but allowed to have 50 percent of air pumped into it.   Now I understood why the weight of what was supposed to be 48 ounces felt like less than 2 pounds.

So, I'm trying to explain this to the know-it-all.  "It sounds like ice cream, to me" was his answer each time I gave him the data.  When I look at it now, on Pea Pod's website, I don't think that I ordered the one that reads Breyers Ice Cream Extra Creamy Chocolate as that one lists it as having corn syrup. 

It took a whole bunch of talking to get my refunds which he construed as being a "courtesy".  Good grief!  With economizing it is important to get what you pay for....and please don't post as a 100 percent satisfaction if you're not going to take care of it.   Cherries should be sweet unless listed as "tart",  romaine lettuce should not be bitter,  Ice Cream should be Ice Cream and not Frozen Dairy Dessert and if you are not going to view the meat make sure that what you package is consistent!!!

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