Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I recently saw Maltby & Shire's musical review Closer Than Ever at The York Theatre.  There are four people in the cast: Jacquelyn Piro Donovan, George Dvorsky, Anika Larsen and Sal Viviano.  Music derives from two instruments - Piano (Andrew Gerle - Musical Director) and Bass (Danny Weller) who are at the rear of the stage.  The set consists of 6 doors  with props such as a table and chair that come on and off the stage.  Now, you have the basic backdrop of the show.

Here is the Author's Note. "Closer Than Ever began as a file of observations about people David and I knew, stories friends and acquaintances told us about themselves, perceptions we had about our lives, which over time developed into songs. It was only when we put the song together in a show that we realized that there was a unity to these stories, a series of portraits of adults idiosyncratically coping with the complexities and anomalies of grown-up life." 

That is about all I can say regarding the "plot" of music with no dialogue.   Let's rum down a list of the songs. Doors. She Loves Me Not. You Wanna Be My Friend (breaking up from being a lover and very funny).  What A I Doin? The Bear, the Tiger, the Hamster and the Mole. I'll Get Up Tomorrow Morning. Miss Byrd. Dating Again (another funny one). One of the Good Guys. There's Nothing Like It. Life Story. Next Time/I Wouldn't Go Back. (End of Act I)

Three Friends. Fandango. There. Patterns. There is Something In a Wedding. Another Wedding Song. If I sing. Back on Base. The March of Time. Fathers of Fathers. It's Never That Easy/I've Been Here Before. Closer Than Ever.

I really don't know how to critique this one.   Everyone was on key.  The show moved but was a bit too long for a review.  Each song was a performance number with minimal choreography.  It's enjoyable and entertaining, which is why the run has been extended from September 30 to around the end of November.

The York Theatre is located at 54th and Lexington Avenue at St. Peter's Church.  One thing I must add is about the concession.   Food is cookies baked by PMS and cost $3.  They are a decent size and have various flavors.  Coffee is $2.  They have these what they call "adult sodas" that are not overly sweet for $2.  Water is also $2.  This is a bargain considering what is charged at Broadway theatres!

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