Friday, September 7, 2012


I met Lily Isaacs in the early 1960's when we both attended the same Junior High School.  We were putting on the play "Oklahoma" and she was one of the leads. I was in the chorus.  Then we both went on to Christopher Columbus High School in the Bronx. Her voice amazed me.  She was so on key and angelic.  Lily was also an excellent actress.  I expected her to be going to Broadway.  At the time, her name was Lily Fishman and she even began to use the name "Lili". 

I did my own thing during my high school years regarding singing, acting, and comedy.  Another school play in our last semester.  She once again got one of the two leads.  I think I was in the chorus of the show.  I know that I was in the Senior Chorus and Senior Band of the High School and I believe that Lily was in a group called The Melody Singers.  So, we basically ran into each other at different times during our High School years.

We both went to Queens College and would see her most of the days due to our getting into the same car pool.  It gave us time to bring the friendship closer.  Lily left after the first semester and I don't remember why.  Frankly I think she did the right thing as I found that college was really a waste of my time and really did nothing for me in regards to my career in show biz. 

One odd occurrence was that we both tried out for this singing group at Queens College, where we were going to be performing Handel's Messiah (hmmmm....).  The tryout required that we look at a piece of music and given a note on the piano were to keep singing.  As it turned out, Lily did not read music even though she was playing the guitar and composing.  I made the group.  She didn't despite that she had a ten times better voice than I.  

We soon lost touch with each other especially since I moved out to Queens a few years later.  I wondered what happened with her and her career.  I'm thinking late 1970's when I was performing in Asbury Park.  I was rehearsing as the tv was on.  Something about Nashville.  I couldn't quite hear what the person was saying but it certainly did look like Lily. 

High School reunion and trying to locate her.  I didn't know that she had gotten married, her last name being Isaacs and that she was with a group performing Blue Grass Gospel.   I also didn't know that she became  a "Jews for Jesus" and that she was singing for the Lord.  Heck, she could sing the telephone book for all I cared as long as she was out there singing.  The group is called The Isaacs.

So, why am I writing this now?  Robin Roberts was on GMA saying that she's taking a leave due to cancer.  Martina McBride comes on and sings her hit single, "I'm Gonna Love You Through It".  A later continued "google" finds me getting a youtube of Martina singing the song and seeing Lily and one of her daughters in it. Why as a breast cancer survivor?   Perhaps she knows Martina being in the industry.

A later "google" gets me a youtube of The Isaacs singing "I'm Gonna Love You Through It"...a much earlier you tube.  It appears that Sonya Isaacs and a few other members of her family wrote the song and dedicated in to their mom. 

I don't remember hearing Martina mentioning who wrote what has now become the theme song for breast cancer survivors.  So, let's give credit where credit is due!!!

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