Thursday, September 20, 2012


I would not imply that Lindsay Lohan doesn't have imperfections....but...this thing with the so called "hit and run" has me looking at at few things.  Lindsay is leaving a hotel driving off and coming from what appears to be the parking lot of the hotel she is staying at.  It appears on the video that it might be a ramp. We also see pedestrians and they don't seem to be in the way of her path or trying to get out of the way of her path. 

We then view a pedestrian (the hotel worker) walking into the what looks like the top of the ramp area.  He claims that Lindsay Lohan injured his foot and did not stop. My first question is...everyone else seems to see the car coming out, why did he not see it?  We then see the guy running after Lindsay's car.  RUN????
If he just got his foot injured enough to require a cast, how come he ran????

My take is that if he did have an injury it was before he went near the car or had a doctor say he was just injured for the sake of requiring a cast.  MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MOOOONEY. 

How about questioning his fellow workers to see if they noticed him limping prior to leaving or complaining about his foot that day or prior days to it.  If they decide to question witnesses make sure they are asked as to how fast the guy was running to catch up to her? 

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