Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Went to Birdland Jazz Club to see Jim Brickman and Victoria Shaw.  I'm seen and known Jim for years.  I aged and he didn't. Victoria Shaw has been composing songs for other singers and sung much of her own. I think Brickman and Shaw have been touring together.  They do make a good team as they did a few duets of Brickman songs, specifically, The Gift and Valentine.

Brickman did his own "duet" with Rainbow Connection.

I have a few that Shaw sang with Brickman accompanying.
This one is called I Love The Way You Love Me.
This one is called Every Shade of You.

Here are some photos.

After the show ended Jim Caruso's Cast Party was up next.  Jim Caruso does this improv where you never know which singer will show up to entertain the audience. A 3-piece band is around to accompany.

As the Brickman/Shaw performance was going on, there was a special night saluting Barbra Striesand.  One of the attendees popped it to tell us about it and sing as well.  Her name is Colleen McHugh.
Check out www.birdlandjazzclub.com for upcoming shows.  There are food and drink minimums.  Good food, too.

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