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The last town to visit was Tilghman Island where much of the activity centers on boating. We had breakfast at the Jones House of the Old Brick Inn, one that is a step above Continental.  In other words, the typical foods are set out, but the juice, coffee and main dish are brought to your table.  This day was a great quiche.
It was not difficult getting to Tilghman Island from St. Michaels going West on Route 33.

With the season going into late spring, watermen (as they call them) were getting ready for their first catch.

We drove around the area to encounter Black Walnut Point Inn, which appeared to be at the tip of the island.  It was now time for lunch at Harrison's Chesapeake House, located on Chesapeake House Drive, where we met Buddy Harrison, Jr. Needless to say we indulged in seafood.

Sampling was in order as there were three soups to savor:  Oyster stew, Maryland Crab Soup, and a Cream of Crab Soup.  That was followed by Rockfish, Crab Cake, and Crab Imperial.  Buddy discussed the fishing and local products used on the menu.

After lunch we drove over to the Lazy Jack Inn at Dogman Harbor, meeting Captain Mike who runs a Lighthouse Tour...when in season.  We found him later working on his boat.

Looking to see what was also around the area, we came across Tilghman Island Country Store, the only "grocery" store on the island.  They sold local products such as wine, ice cream from the Scottish Highland Creamery and Rise Up Coffee.

Another place visited was the Phillips Wharf Environmental Center, located at Chicken Point Rd.   Kelly is a Marine Biologist with a bus known as the Fishmobile, set up for kids to check out creatures from the water.  Right now they are working on an Oyster House project.

We checked into the Tilghman Island Inn to meet owner David McCallum, who is also the Executive Chef of the restaurant.  Relaxation is certainly the key word here.  My room had plenty of windows and a terrace that looked out onto the creek.

 There was a group of rubber chickens in the room abutting mine.

Time for dinner.  Laurie ordered Oysters Rockefeller while I opted for the creamy oyster stew.  "Saute shallots in butter, deglaze with white wine and reduced. Add oyster liquid and heavy cream. Heat through, add oysters and simmer until edges curl.  Here is the recipe for Oysters Rockefeller.

Next course was the Smoked Duck Napoleon and here is the recipe.

Duck: Brine 2 Duck Breast for several hours or overnight in Brine
  2 Cups Water
          3TBS Salt
          3 TBS Sugar
          ½ Cup White Wine
4 TBS Chopped Fresh Herbs ( such as Thyme, Basil, Rosemary,  Sage)
Smoke Duck:
            In a Commercial smoker. Hot  smoke duck breast until medium
rare ( about 1 hr).
      Cut Wonton wrappers in half diagonally. Fry until crispy.
Assembly:  Stack alternately wonton with  thinly sliced duck, wontons & jam. Garnish plate with Sour Cream Streaker ( thin sour cream in a squeeze bottle)

Berry Horseradish Jam:
 2 Pints of Fresh Raspberries, Blackberries or Strawberries or Mixed
½ Cup of Sugar
1/4 Cup Raspberry or Rice Wine Vinegar
½ Cup of Balsamic Vinegar
2TBS Minced Shallots
2TBS Prepared Horseradish
1 Lemon Zested & Juiced
1.      Bring Sugar, Lemon juice, vinegar & shallots to a boil. Add Berries cook until syrupy.
2.      Adjust sweetness to taste.
3.      Strain through a fine sieve or china cap.
4.      Fold in horseradish & lemon zest.
5.      Refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

The next course was pork medallions.  What I loved about it was the accompanying coconut rice using jasmine rice cooking in coconut milk and adding flaked coconut. It was served with julienned vegetables and
a mango sauce.

Molten Chocolate Cake for dessert served with chocolate ice cream made here.  Here's the recipe for the cakes

30 oz chocolate
1-1/2 lb butter
6 TBSP Brandy
12 Lg eggs
12 Large egg yolks
3- TBSP Sugar (1-1/2 cup sugar + 1 TBSP)
6 tsp vanilla
9 tsp espresso powder
Large pinch of salt
6 TBSP flour

Prepare cups-spray & coat with sugar.  Melt chocolate & butter.  Remove from heat, stir in brandy.  Cool 10 min, stir occ,
Beat all remaning ingredients until very thick-takes it about 5-10 minutes.  Sift flour over mix, fold in.  Put batter in cups.  Fill to flange.  Be careful cooks quickly, smell chocolate is first signal.  400 degrees


1Qt Cream
Calleduit chocolate
Heat Crème to scalding Chop Chocolate to correct consistency

 Laurie had the creme brulle.  

After dinner we schmoozed with the owners of the Black Walnut Point Inn as they popped in for drinks and dinner.

Tilghman Island Inn is pet-friendly.  In fact, there is both a male cat and female dog that hang around.  The dog tends to greet each guest.

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