Wednesday, June 26, 2013


June 10th, Day 4. Looking forward to another rainy day…NOT!   Breakfast at nearby Timberline Café and Bakery.  I wasn’t hungry and would have settled for a simple glass of milk if it weren’t for a cinnamon bun calling for me.  Hmmm...looks like I have company.

Rain holding up we head North to the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake.  With over twenty structures and paths about, I decided to check and see how handicapped accessible they are.  Motorized scooter got me in an out of just about every building with ease.  However, we were testing out a particular spot that had flooring in the shape of parallel wooden logs.  Only the video will explain it.  The Adirondack Museum warrants at least a half day taking in the history, structures, lifestyle, flora, non-human creatures and over all “lay of the land” that include activities for both adults and children. There is a café with both hot and cold foods with windows that overlooks…yes, the lake.  

Then came the rain. Traveling about, back to the lodge for a bit of r and r, off to The Hedges, a resort camp located at a different area of Blue Mountain Lake.  With twelve and half acres, this historic site goes back to 1880 when owned by Colonel Hiram Duryea.  A few owners later, Rip and Pat Benson bought the much larger camp in 2000 making numerous restorations to maintain the intended atmosphere.  Accommodations are set in four lodges and various sized cabins with a cook-to-order breakfast and full dinner served in the Dining Lodge.  Enjoy fishing, boating, a beach, game room or simply relaxing in the middle of the woods.

We stopped by for dinner to meet with some members of Hamilton County Tourism. I had New England clam chowder; a salad of greens, strawberries and orange pieces; entrée of flounder with a crabmeat stuffing, broccolini and red potatoes; brownie for dessert.

Pat Benson insists on giving back to the military with a Wounded Warrior stay in a cabin that is handicapped accessible. A week to include meals is given gratis for up to a family of four and you do not have to be in need of a wheelchair. 

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