Wednesday, June 26, 2013


June 8th, Day 2  Glass of milk and a piece of bread was enough to start my day with Lake George Village as the next destination.  It is the weekend of the Americade, a biker’s convention…two wheel, three wheel, four wheel.  Just in time for the parade of over 50,000 that we needed to avoid. 

How do you get around?  Adirondack Pedal Cab to the rescue!  Mike Smith, “Smitty” and Steve Tomb on the owners of this pedal cab service that is more like a bicycle attached to a carriage. Room for two grown-ups and an area to place things that you may be carrying.  With much uphill areas, these cabs have a special battery operated “assist” that make it easier to pedal.  We watched the ending of the parade and then pedaled along the main road for a quick tour then onto the beach area and docks.

It was there that we boarded the Lac du Saint Sacrament for a luncheon cruise.  This is one of a few other ships owned by the Lake George Steamboat Company.  The rain was on and off which kept me in the downstairs inside area and buffet.  The food is what I would term as “decent and tasty” although the “carving station” was no more than having someone carve what appeared and tasted like, “deli meat”.  

Entertainment just near our table. Billing themselves as “Spellbound” were Robert Noah and Cyndie Wade who also had a side line of a company called Custom Creations making unique hand painted gifts like a sort of cartoonish picture of you on a wine glass.  Cyndie has a great sense of humor.  During the cruise you would hear a tour of the lake coming from the pilot’s house.  Otherwise, Cyndie might mention a few things in between songs such as pointing out a house that Barbra Streisand uses for a vacation…not really, but it’s interesting to see who is paying attention.

Docked, “Smitty” picked us up for a continuation of the tour that took us to Adirondack Winery, located at 285 Canada Street (the main street).  This is a combo winery-tasting room. The company buys the grapes from US vineyards to produce their own wines of which many are created for sipping vs pairing with food.  

I did the proverbial tasting with a little swish in the mouth and spitting in a pitcher.  For me this allows just enough of the wine to get around my palate and just a small amount going down the throat.  Dry, sweet, acidic, fruity…and basically, what tastes the best to me.  I love white wines and found that none of the ones I tasted were “not for me”.  I chose two to take home with me: Semillion, a rich, dry wine with a golden hue and slightly lemon aroma and flavor; and Strawsling, a semi-sweet with the aroma of strawberries mixed with honey and tropical fruit. ,  
“Smitty” meeting us in front of a Dilligaf store.  In case you’ve ever wondered what it means…Do I Look Like I Give A F*^k.   

A few more spots around Lake George and then back to their store. Cost to take this pedal cab is “whatever you choose to tip the driver”.  Take a tour or just have them pick you up wherever you are in town to another place in town. 

On our way back to Copperfield, along route 28, is where we encountered Barkeater Chocolates.  Although there was a sign stating that their grand opening was on the 15th, they were open for business.  Deb Morris and her husband, Jim are the owners of this gourmet chocolate delight.  Truffles and chocolate bars are their thing.  They create the goodies here at what is classified as “an outlet”.  I asked which bulk chocolate is used so I know (and taste) the quality.  There is a company that makes a combo of peanut butter with chocolate (it’s sold here).  Take this and create a “Reeses cup” using dark chocolate for your fix.


Relax a bit and time for dinner as we’re back on Route 28 to Basil and Wicks.  Decor is much wood like a ski lodge.  I had an appetizer called Ahi Tuna Log.  The tuna, sweet peppers and scallions are wrapped in nori wrappers, dipped in house made tempura, deep fried and served over a soba noodle salad with Asian dressing then finished with a wasabi and sweet Thai chili dressing.  St. Louis Ribs was my entrée, which were accompanied by veggies of squash and haricot vert. Great atmosphere, murals and food.  

Back to Copperfield for dessert and drinks at Trappers Tavern.  I had a piece of flourless chocolate cake and herbal tea. Entertainment was singer Mikki Bakken playing her guitar.  Love her voice and choice of songs.  I got that all that were there enjoyed it as well.


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