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June 12th, Day 6.  Overcast but the rain will come! We head for Ausable Chasm, but not for the chasm itself.  It is the location of the North Star Underground Railroad Museum, said to be a former horse nail factory (although not obvious), relating history of Northeastern New York’s UGRR. 

An introductory to the tour commences with a film called, “The Forgotten Story of John Thomas” and not to be missed. It recounts this former slave with an escape that begins in Maryland. There is a section of glass encased ceiling from which one “escapee” appears to be looking down on us.

Boards with written displays relate the history of this North Eastern movement.  According to the museum, “The Champlain Line of the Underground Railroad encompassed the Upper Hudson River, the Champlain Canal, and Lake Champlain. Runaway slaves who reached these waterways took steamboats, barges and canal boats as part of their northward journey. Stagecoach and railroad lines from New York City and New England provided land routes into the region. Lake Champlain was a Gateway to Freedom.” 

I was able to learn through several recount stories of those using the Champlain Line from 1830-1861 as well as taking in characters such as members of the anti-slavery society, and abolitionists. This museum has newly researched data of those that contributed but not well-known. Great DVD to buy at the gift shop: “Northward to Freedom, stories of the North Country Underground Railroad.  www.northcountryundergroundrailroad.com.

We stayed long enough to get a photo of the chasm.  There would be no way that I would go rafting on the river in this area. However, I do understand that there is an easier and calmer part. I skip it all as we on now on our way to Lake Placid with first a brief check-in at Whiteface Chalet located in Wilmington. More about the chalet when we return.

On to Lake Placid Pub and Brewery located at 813 Mirror Lake Drive.  Note the name of yet another two lakes. There are three floors, the first housing a bar. With an expansion it appears that the restaurant, or pub, is now on the second floor and to where they had moved the kitchen.  The third floor of the building was completely renovated into a new bar and dining area and called The Hop Loft.  I’m told that this space has a great view and the additional space has decreased the wait list times dramatically.”

Due to time constraints I was unable to take a tour of the brewery itself but did order one of the beers.  Their signature is “UBU”, an English style strong Ale.  That’s not for me as I tend to choose a beer such as Blue Moon.  Our server recommended the Moose Island Ale, a light golden ale that is low in bitterness, with a clean, crisp and thirst-quenching taste.  Boy, would I love to have one now! 
My lunch began with a Chicken Wild Mushroom soup, no explanation needed.   It was followed by “the schulzy burger”, which was named after some guy named Shulzy.  Angus sirloin burger with melted cheddar and American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and ketchup.  Served with fries that are worth a side order itself.   I read that they have a homemade bbq sauce using locally produced maple syrup and their flagship UBU Ale.  I asked for a sample to dip my fries into.  www.ubuale.com

Since it was the last day of the trip we decided to “chill out” a bit and check out the “downtown” area commonly known as “Main Street”.  Eateries, boutique shops, chachka stores…the usual tourist street.  Here we are looking on Mirror Lake.  There is great spot halfway down the block with some Adirondack chairs facing the lake.  One level down on each side is access to another sitting area which seemed to emanate from stores.  The level below is a grassy area with a stage. We watched one man building up a set to watch a movie, which was to be shown at about 9 p.m.  The subject had to do with the Adirondacks.  Surprise! It rained this night.

Being that dinner time was approaching, we chose to eat at Generations, 2543 Main Street.  The restaurant is part of a resort called Golden Arrow. Given a seat by the window there was a great view of Mirror Lake as well as their herb garden. Décor is lots of wood. Food is cooked with as much local products as possible.  I had a baby spinach salad with julienne vegetables, avocado, grape tomatoes, and roasted red peppers with a cilantro dressing.  That was followed with Ceviche of yellow fin tuna, and avocado with fresh lime, cilantro, ginger and scallions with grilled flatbread and micro greens. A yummy chicken breast special caught my attention on the entrée.  Dessert was a chocolate ganache mousse.  It wasn’t the Last Supper, but it was the last supper here in the Adirondacks.  www.golden-arrow.com  

It was early enough to take a ride around the lake, especially since we had the GPS.  Lake Placid itself is across the way from Mirror Lake.  Back to Wilmington and the chalet about nine miles from Lake Placid. Large and cozy room decorated ala Adirondack style (wood).  View of Whiteface Mountain. Aside from the bed, there was also a pull out futon and a hickory rocker.  It appeared that I had company as I was off of mine. Wet bar, too. 

I didn’t have to leave the building to get to the “common area”, where among other things, the more than continental breakfast is served.  Laurie took advantage of it the next morning.  Once more, I skipped breakfast as I had been munching on the cheese curds and chocolate that I had been toting.  www.whitefacechalet.com  It’s now homeward bound!

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