Saturday, August 3, 2013


Move over Las Vegas as Brooklyn has a venue.   When it comes to delivering a live concert with a star that can hold an audience, the new Barclays Center certainly makes use of their sports arena.   I recently had the opportunity to see Beyonce perform here.   Before I go into her performance, let me share the setup of the arena.

There were two stages, one at each end.   A main stage first gave the impression that it was wide but small.  Why?  Singer Luke James was the opening act and that was the amount of space that he required to perform his hits, "Make Love To Me", "I.O.U", and "I Want You".   I believe that the women near the stage were swooning, especially when he was handing out flowers. 
Beyonce later made her entrance as a curtain was lifted to reveal the all-female band and great set.
Two large screens are placed high up on each side of the stage for those wanting a close-up as the cameras center.  This, however, does not provide a wide angle to view the rest of the stage.   As one would expect in a sports arena, seats are at various levels. 

The second stage is circular for the most part, with a runway in the middle.  I think that the audience who obtained standing room around there were quite surprised as Beyonce made use of it to perform while giving them a more up close and some personal contact.  

How did she get from one stage to the other?   Call it a zip line.   That’s just one of many technical aspects of a performance that was beyond stupendous.    Fans were used to have her hair blowing (and keeping here cool from the hot lights).   A screen was placed above the stage to show videos of Beyonce as well as other clips and special effects.  The film clips and videos gave Beyonce the time to change into another outfit, too.   Fire, smoke, as well as the stuff that looks like sparkly fire reigning down or coming out of both end s of a guitar.  Stage traps were utilized for some entrances and exits.   

The floor of the arena area was filled with people who paid a VIP price to stand as close as they could and watch Beyonce sing and move about.  This was her Mrs. Carter World Tour, in her role as Queen B.

Most of the audience stood, sang along and danced at their seats.   It was that kind of a show.  There were her backup singers and dancers to compliment the concert.  I think that just about all of Beyonce’s discography was presented and yes, she did sing “All The Single Ladies”.   

There will be one more Beyonce concert her on December 22nd.  Tix go on sale August 12th!

Lionel Richie is scheduled for later this month so check Barclays Center's  website for tickets, although I'm not sure that Lionel will be zip lining.

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