Friday, August 16, 2013


With the mayoral race going on here in NYC, the democrats had a television debate.  Ads are out there, of course.  Take Bill Thompson who makes it clear that his parents or grandparents came from the Caribbeans and blah, blah, blah.  Very clear on "race".  Bill de Blasio (who had changed his name from a German sounding one) has his son, in an afro, doing a commercial. Too bad his eyes can't focus on the camera as it's very clear that he is reading the lines.  Ads show his wife, who is black.  Interesting to find out that his wife was a professed lesbian.  It makes me wonder about the marriage and as to whether they conceived making the son and daughter or "pass the turkey baster".   Also left out is a former brochure where the daughter is wearing a gun charm around her neck that wound up getting "air brushed".  So, are we getting a message from his wife that if you find the "right man" you will no longer be a lesbian?  

Would you believe that Anthony Weiner is still in this?   I so hope that Christine Quinn wins!

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